Belo SunExpert Review | Soak Swimwear OOTD

The extremely hot weather in Manila only means one thing…. It’s time to pack your sunscreen and swimsuits because summer is officially here!! To kick off this season, let me share my review of the Belo SunExpert line and their latest products. I booked multiple trips to Boracay this summer with different set of groups and didn’t realize that I’ll be staying for about half a month in the island! Dream come true! <3 That’s why I’ve fully prepared myself as early as now by stocking up on these sun care products from Belo. My favorite would be this Belo SunExpert UltragentleRead more

Globe Laboracay Day 1 | Kaskade @ Zoukout Boracay

This year’s Laboracay experience was far from last year’s. The beach was very clean and had way less people than the hoardes of party-goers in 2015. There was also little sea moss (lumot) visible, about 2 feet long at most, compared to last year’s thick bed of moss on the shore. They had to haul it out in garbage bags because it got smelly and visually atrocious to the tourists. Look at how blank the waters are! No people and trash around! You can compare photos from my LABORACAY 2015 blog entry to see what I mean. Just like theRead more