The All-New Cream Silk Customized Solutions

Cream Silk, the country’s leader in hair care, unveils its biggest, and most beautiful transformation yet with the launch of its new range of Customized Solutions. Introducing its new formulation and look, Cream Silk has created special variants that cater to every Modern Filipinas’ hair needs. The new Cream Silk range consists of seven (7) customized solutions, each with a specialized formulation to improve and transform any hair to beyond beautiful. Along with its reformulation, Cream Silk’s transformation also translated its new look as they now feature Cream Silk endorsers on the packs to further communicate the persona of theRead more

#WhereCanYourHairTakeYOU? (Cream Silk 30th Anniversary Giveaway!)

It’s been a while since I’ve held a giveaway. In fact, this is the first one I’ll be holding for 2014! This year, Cream Silk, the No. 1 Hair Care brand, celebrates its 30th Anniversary; 30 years of limitless possibilities for the Beyond Beautiful Filipina.   To mark this very special event, Cream Silk invites every Filipina to go Beyond Beautiful with its new commercial starring Heart Evangelista, Sam Pinto and Toni Gonzaga. Join me in celebrating Cream Silk’s 30th Anniversary to get a chance to win a premium Cream Silk 30th Anniversary Gift Set! Simply follow these steps:  Read more

Perfection by Cream Silk: Become a Perfect 10!

Cream Silk set up an intimate event for bloggers a week after our Holy Week vacation. It was perfect timing because I needed a break from all the shopping at Hong Kong and I was going to Tagaytay that day. It was really funny because I thought that we would only use The Spa as our venue but they treated us to a full body massage so we had to be nakey around each other for the first time. *awkward* :)) After my Swedish Massage, I had to get rid of the oil on my hair and body or else I’ll be sticky for ourRead more