Shiseido The Collagen: Anne Curtis’ Skin Secret

I attended the launch of Shiseido The Collagen last month at Makati Shangrila Hotel, where they officially announced Anne Curtis as the face of the brand. She revealed that she saw signs of ageing like wrinkles on her face the moment she hit 30. Anne, who is currently 32, wants to age gracefully by taking Shiseido The Collagen. There are 3 forms but her favorite is the drink that comes in small bottles because it’s easier to take while on-the-go, especially during her long hours of shooting. She takes really good care of her skin by having a complete skinRead more

Plains & Prints Holiday Collection

Last weekend, I dropped by the Holiday Collection sneak preview of Plains & Prints at Shangri-la Mall. The photo above was taken right when the mall opened so it was still empty. But it got crazy and packed around lunch time and onwards. The line going to the dressing room looked like the line outside of a packed club. Lol. I must admit, it’s been a while since I browsed the entire store of Plains & Prints because I rarely shop in Manila and I only browse through the clothes rack when someone tells me that their current collection isRead more

Greenwich Give Me More!

Earlier this month, Greenwich unveiled their latest Spaghetti Supreme campaign at the SM Megatrade Conference Center. Pardon me for the extremely late post, I had severe tonsillitis + fever for almost a week then I was given a booth at the Supersale Bazaar just a few days ago so I have no time to blog. What a crazy way to end the month! Watch: Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme TVC Of course, a Greenwich event wouldn’t be complete without their special dishes. I swear by my shoes, everything on my plate was yummy! Their four cheese thin crust pizza has replaced my all-time favorite pizza and I’ve been craving for their buffaloRead more