About the Artist

Marj Sia is a 20-something self-taught makeup artist and beauty junkie from the Philippines. She started her career back in 2005 as an accessory designer and did makeup as a hobby only until she got offers from couples, debutantes, universities and big companies to do makeup for their shoots. She has worked with famous talents, celebrities and photographers.


She also does styling and occasionally blogs about fashion, too. She has been featured in various online websites, broadsheet and magazines. Read more about her press features HERE. Aside from her love for beauty & fashion, this woman is also an entrepreneur at heart. She is the owner of Catwalk Cosmetics & Wigs and holds makeup workshops every other month in cooperation with big makeup brands.

Her biggest inspiration is her mom- who influenced her love for makeup and fashion.

Other info: Marj is pure Chinese but her style is greatly influenced by Korean & Japanese fashion. Her Chinese zodiac sign is the Rabbit while her astrological sign is Libra. She loves to explore; food, travel and learn different languages.(but fails at it) She is currently attracted to anything with Leopard print; like how a moth would immediately fly into the light and loves to collect platform pumps. She has a fondness for animals especially cute & furry pets. And oh, she treats her baby Maltese Tiffy like a princess. <3

Beauty & fashion-related facts about Marj:

  • Foundation powder shade: MAC NC30
  • Clothing Size: US 6 (Medium)
  • Slipper Size: US 7
  • Closed Shoes/ heels Size: US 7.5 or Asian 38
  • Current hair color (as of September 2013) Matrix WL-R by F&H Famous Salon


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