What’s In My Beach Bag | Globe ZoukOut | Laboracay 2016

I’m cram-packing my luggage for my Boracay flight tomorrow. The heat is extreme nowadays so I made sure to bring the right amount of sunscreen and skin care to protect my skin from the sun. But aside from those, here are some of my beach essentials that I”ll be taking with me to LaBoracay: Weekender bag and beach towel from Myrrh and Gold Manila. My #GlobeiPhone6 fully equipped with a Spotify playlist that can be played offline thanks to Spotify Premium, waterproof case and external battery pack. Flip-flops bag from Cuesee Creations & this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas Commemorative pair,Read more


TONY MOLY Intense Care Bee Propolis Cleanser Review

Everyone knows that beauty bloggers like me have a ton of beauty products being mailed to our address on a daily basis. One of the items that I don’t need to buy are cleansers/ facial wash because there are soooo many being sent my way and I’m not that picky with the brand since my skin is more sensitive with moisturizers or products that are left on the skin for a period of time. But when I was shopping at Tony Moly Megamall last week with Valerie, she said “Uy, Bee Propolis! My parents drink that for anti-cancer.” So IRead more


Physiogel Calming Relief #FreeInMySkin 14 Day Challenge (Day 7-14)

Remember this photo? I got several messages from friends and readers about the drastic change of my skin’s condition after posting about the Physiogel #FreeInMySkin 14-day challenge. The photo above shows my Day 1 VS Day 7 of using the Physiogel’s Calming Relief Cream. It’s a refreshing change from the past moisturizers that I’ve tried. They have far too many active ingredients which can sometimes cause allergic reactions. The Calming Relief Cream is very pure so it is fit for maarte and sensitive skin like mine! I continued using and documenting my progress for another 7 days. The photo aboveRead more

DSC07968 copy

Physiogel Calming Relief Launch @ The St. Regis Bangkok, Thailand

Let me share with everyone my first out-of-country blogger event experience. I was enthusiastic when I heard where they were taking us because it’s a country that I will never get tired of going back to. In fact, I’ll be flying back this weekend! Exactly one month ago, we checked in at the beautiful Anantara Siam (formerly Four Seasons Hotel) in Bangkok for the Physiogel Calming Relief launch in Asia. The place has breathtaking interiors and a lot of no-filter-needed picturesque spots – it was blogger heaven. Lol. On our first day, we decided to take it easy after settlingRead more


My Top 10 Holy Grail Eye Products

What’s the most important part of your face? Is it your lips, nose, cheeks or your eyes? For me, the latter is the most noticed one so having beautiful eyes can leave a big impact on someone. We also use it to communicate and make eye contact when we are talking to our peers. Let me share with you my top 10 holy grail eye products to get tantalizing and unforgettable eyes. Photo above : I mixed a couple of bright colors from my Catwalk Cosmetics Runway palette to achieve the color above. They’re very highly pigmented so it can stay onRead more


Joining the Physiogel #FreeInMySkin 14-day Challenge! (Day 1-7)

I always look forward to the first three months of the year because it’s the only time we can feel the cool weather in Manila. However, it is also the weather that my skin dreads the most because whenever we’re about to transition to summer, my skin gets all weird and sensitive. You’ll see what I mean on the next few photos… I decided to give Physiogel’s Free In My Skin Challenge a try because it promises to improve my skin’s condition in 14 days with the use of their all-new Calming Relief Face Cream. Let’s see if it worksRead more