HUSH PUPPIES: The Body Shoe | Auto Options

Let me share a fun fact about myself that I’ve never disclosed on my blog before. I may be little miss makeup girl but I’ve been exposed to the automotive industry at a very young age. So it’s quite ironic that I decided to go on a very different path – the opposite one, actually. I tried my hand at makeup, styling and now I’m currently working with PR and marketing but none of the brands I’ve worked with are related to cars. Until last week, I got the chance to work on the grand opening of Auto Options, yourRead more

A Girl’s Guide To Being A Redhead

Happy New Year, everyone!! :) I know 2016 wasn’t a favorite of most folks so let’s start the year right by talking about the Chinese lucky color — RED! As you can see in my blog entries throughout the years, I’ve had loads of hair transformations but I always end up getting a mahogany or red shade of hair color because it suits my yellowish skin tone. I think I’m already an expert with this color so I thought of writing a girl’s guide to being a redhead so I can share some makeup tips on how to match yourRead more

Get Your Eyes On Fleek at SM Beauty

Above all features of the face, it is the eyes that are seen as truly magical. They say that the eyes are the window to a woman’s soul, so what better way to express yourself than through your eyes, right? This September 28 to October 31, SM Beauty wants to celebrate the beauty of eyes with the campaign “Get Your Eyes on Fleek”. At their event, we had the option to have our makeup done or D-I-Y. I obviously went for the latter because it’s very hard to please me when it comes to makeup application. I have a certainRead more

Etude House Berry Delicious Collection

Life is definitely sweet with Etude House’s Berry Delicious collection. We were invited to try out the products, get a makeover and shoot at Stacy’s while they stuffed us with yummy cupcakes and macarons. Like any other event, I arrived with makeup already so I didn’t have a makeover done. I used the extra time to go through the makeup artist’s makeup display instead. I swatched the Play 101 Sticks which I’ve been dying to collect since I first saw it. The lighter shades are perfect for my undereye and for highlighting the cheekbones. I also bugged Nikki while sheRead more

OOTD: Cesa Swimwear | Globe Summer Takeover 2016

What’s the first thing I do when I’m up early and no one’s in the pool? Have an OOTD shoot, of course! But in this case, I’m featuring a brand that I’ve been seeing quite a lot online since last year – CESA Swimwear. Would you believe it, my mom took this photo of me at Discovery Shores Boracay. Her “payment” for waking me up early to swim with her. Haha! I looooove how Cesa’s Bergen Zip-up Neoprene Maillot fits like a glove. Not only does it look good but it’s also very secure so I don’t have to worry about nip-slips when swimmingRead more

Checking in Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

Last month, I had an overnight staycation at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay. My family used to visit the place a lot for breakfast, lunch or dinner when they opened during the early 2000’s so I’m quite familiar with how the property looks like – including all the good OOTD locations. That explains why I have such a huge luggage for a one night stay. Haha! So here’s what I wore on the first day… Hand bag PRADA | Luggage EVER NEW Bangle & rings CHARRIOL | Watch PANERAI Shorts SM Woman | Shoes Purple Sole As soon as we arrived atRead more