Yosi Samra 2.0

Yosi Samra — a New York brand that is well-known worldwide for its comfortable ballet flats and effortless style has elevated their quality to a whole new level this 2017. I passed by the SM Aura Premier branch to see and test out if Yosi Samra 2.0 is indeed more comfortable than the old one. Although I have never owned the old version of YS before, my friends that bought one after seeing my pair said that there is a HUGE difference with the sole. It is also way more comfortable than the leather ballet flats that I own likeRead more

Get Your Eyes On Fleek at SM Beauty

Above all features of the face, it is the eyes that are seen as truly magical. They say that the eyes are the window to a woman’s soul, so what better way to express yourself than through your eyes, right? This September 28 to October 31, SM Beauty wants to celebrate the beauty of eyes with the campaign “Get Your Eyes on Fleek”. At their event, we had the option to have our makeup done or D-I-Y. I obviously went for the latter because it’s very hard to please me when it comes to makeup application. I have a certainRead more

Physiogel Daily Defence Range Launch

I just got back from a 5-day trip to Bangkok and as usual, the weather was as hot as its food! It was a business trip so I had to move around a lot. The cab drivers there aren’t exactly friendly so I prefer to take long walks on their BTS (train) skywalk. There are a lot of similarities between the streets of Bangkok and Manila especially with the presence of messy side street vendors, pollution and terrible traffic (*yet, I still keep coming back for the amazing food, shopping and culture*) so I keep myself protected with Physiogel’s first-everRead more

Melissa Shoes x Jeremy Scott Collection

Jeremy Scott was one of the first few designers that I grew fond of back in college. I went out of my way in HK before just to get ahold of his limited edition Longchamp Le Pliage collaboration. The Melissa Shoes x Jeremy Scott Collection doesn’t surprise me at all because the bright and loud colors are very him. Most of the designs were in neon colors and are inspired by pool floaters. Hence, the plastic nozzle attached on each and every pair. Three words to describe this collection: Perky, colorful and fun! My favorite pair among the entire collectionRead more

Globe Laboracay Day 2 | Island Hopping | Sunkissed Boracay 2016

Our second day at Laboracay (May 1) was surprisingly very quiet and laidback. You’d think that after the hoardes of party goers at Zoukout, the beach would be filled with people and trash the next day but…. This photo was taken during lunch time and the beach front was almost empty! It’s probably because Labor Day fell on a Sunday so there’s no additional holiday. A lot of people had to catch a plane that day to make it in time for work on Monday. Look at how clean, beautiful and peaceful the beach was at noontime!! Perhaps people wereRead more

Globe Laboracay Day 1 | Kaskade @ Zoukout Boracay

This year’s Laboracay experience was far from last year’s. The beach was very clean and had way less people than the hoardes of party-goers in 2015. There was also little sea moss (lumot) visible, about 2 feet long at most, compared to last year’s thick bed of moss on the shore. They had to haul it out in garbage bags because it got smelly and visually atrocious to the tourists. Look at how blank the waters are! No people and trash around! You can compare photos from my LABORACAY 2015 blog entry to see what I mean. Just like theRead more