Belo SunExpert Review | Soak Swimwear OOTD

The extremely hot weather in Manila only means one thing…. It’s time to pack your sunscreen and swimsuits because summer is officially here!! To kick off this season, let me share my review of the Belo SunExpert line and their latest products. I booked multiple trips to Boracay this summer with different set of groups and didn’t realize that I’ll be staying for about half a month in the island! Dream come true! <3 That’s why I’ve fully prepared myself as early as now by stocking up on these sun care products from Belo. My favorite would be this Belo SunExpert UltragentleRead more

A Girl’s Guide To Being A Redhead

Happy New Year, everyone!! :) I know 2016 wasn’t a favorite of most folks so let’s start the year right by talking about the Chinese lucky color — RED! As you can see in my blog entries throughout the years, I’ve had loads of hair transformations but I always end up getting a mahogany or red shade of hair color because it suits my yellowish skin tone. I think I’m already an expert with this color so I thought of writing a girl’s guide to being a redhead so I can share some makeup tips on how to match yourRead more

Be The Next Watsons Hair Treats Trio!

Has it ever crossed your mind how it would feel to have yourself glamed up, have a photoshoot and be on the glossy pages of a magazine? Or have you ever thought of wanting to walk the runway in the most fashionable clothes to be viewed and envied by the women in the crowd? If you have always wanted to become a model and didn’t really know how to begin this just might be your stepping stone. Watsons Hair Treats is giving 3 lucky women the chance of a lifetime and catch their big break to become a model! WatsonsRead more

10 Things Every Pink-Obsessed Person Must Own

I’ve always been attracted to all things pink ever since I was young. At one point I was ashamed to admit it because of the fear of being called ‘maarte’ or too girly by my sporty friends from our volleyball team. Eventually, when I graduated from highschool, I embraced the legally blonde girl in me and started to buy everything in pink. Here are the top 10 favorite pink items that you’ll find in my room: STILETTO 3M SCOTCH TAPE DISPENSER Before this was released locally, my BFF from the US sent me the black version of this (as seenRead more

SM Beauty Ball | Makeup For Formal Events

SM Beauty held the first-ever beauty ball at the Rizal Ballroom in Makati Shangri-La to commemorate all the pioneers and masters of the makeup industry. Everyone’s makeup was on fleek and there were beautiful gowns left and right. The event paid tribute to all those who shone in the business. The original Makeover Masters such as Fanny Serrano, James Cooper, and Jessie Mendez came up onstage to be awarded as pillars and pioneers of the industry. The 2016 Makeover Masters were also introduced. They are the most sought-after makeup experts were chosen based on talent, clientele, and professional excellence. TheyRead more

Review: DOVE Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s starting to rain cats and dogs these days so summer is officially over in the Philippines! And you know what that means.. Change in weather means change in hair and skin care regimen! The humidity has been making the top part of my hair really flat and oily so I went back to using Dove Oxygen & Nourishment shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried it out way before it was launched in our local market. I got intrigued by its transparent packaging in the US plus it promises more volume after one use so I had someone bring it home for me.Read more