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10 Things Every Pink-Obsessed Person Must Own

I’ve always been attracted to all things pink ever since I was young. At one point I was ashamed to admit it because of the fear of being called ‘maarte’ or too girly by my sporty friends from our volleyball team. Eventually, when I graduated from highschool, I embraced the legally blonde girl in me and started to buy everything in pink. Here are the top 10 favorite pink items that you’ll find in my room: STILETTO 3M SCOTCH TAPE DISPENSER Before this was released locally, my BFF from the US sent me the black version of this (as seenRead more

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SM Beauty Ball | Makeup For Formal Events

SM Beauty held the first-ever beauty ball at the Rizal Ballroom in Makati Shangri-La to commemorate all the pioneers and masters of the makeup industry. Everyone’s makeup was on fleek and there were beautiful gowns left and right. The event paid tribute to all those who shone in the business. The original Makeover Masters such as Fanny Serrano, James Cooper, and Jessie Mendez came up onstage to be awarded as pillars and pioneers of the industry. The 2016 Makeover Masters were also introduced. They are the most sought-after makeup experts were chosen based on talent, clientele, and professional excellence. TheyRead more

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Review: DOVE Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s starting to rain cats and dogs these days so summer is officially over in the Philippines! And you know what that means.. Change in weather means change in hair and skin care regimen! The humidity has been making the top part of my hair really flat and oily so I went back to using Dove Oxygen & Nourishment shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried it out way before it was launched in our local market. I got intrigued by its transparent packaging in the US plus it promises more volume after one use so I had someone bring it home for me.Read more

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Color Your Hair Bold with Watsons’ DIY Dye

I’ve been coloring my hair as early as 12 years old. My mom pretty much let me do anything I wanted when it cameto styling and I’m glad she did because look where it got me! Coloring one’s hair can get addicting and it’s not so good if it’s starting to damage your hair. That’s why I limit my dyeing to once a year or use vegan hair dye instead. Last February, I had a terrible experience with a known salon that has a ” famous hair ambassador” and he himself colored my hair. I showed an old photo ofRead more


What’s In My Beach Bag | Globe ZoukOut | Laboracay 2016

I’m cram-packing my luggage for my Boracay flight tomorrow. The heat is extreme nowadays so I made sure to bring the right amount of sunscreen and skin care to protect my skin from the sun. But aside from those, here are some of my beach essentials that I”ll be taking with me to LaBoracay: Weekender bag and beach towel from Myrrh and Gold Manila. My #GlobeiPhone6 fully equipped with a Spotify playlist that can be played offline thanks to Spotify Premium, waterproof case and external battery pack. Flip-flops bag from Cuesee Creations & this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas Commemorative pair,Read more

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The Haircut That Changed My Life | Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos

Right before I turned a year older this year, I told myself that I would make a drastic change to my look. I was going to either bleach it or color it black just like last year but I decided not to dye my hair until next year so I opted to cut it short. I didn’t realize that my hair was already mermaid-long until I ironed it straight for an event last October. As much as I’d like to say I maintain my hair well and keep it healthy, the over-dyed parts on the end were already weighing myRead more