Wasteland Wonderland: TICKLES SM Megamall

Oh, Tickles!! This shop brings back so many fond memories from the 90’s. I remember that I always look forward to visiting their stores whenever we would go to the mall. It’s practically a wasteland of cute things that we don’t need but want. I could spend hours rummaging through all the things at their latest and biggest branch to date – SM MEGAMALL. The carnival-inspired store is located at the lower ground of SM Mega A. It’s very hard to miss because of its unique storefront. Here’s a peek of what’s inside: I have a huge appetite for allRead more

10 Things Every Pink-Obsessed Person Must Own

I’ve always been attracted to all things pink ever since I was young. At one point I was ashamed to admit it because of the fear of being called ‘maarte’ or too girly by my sporty friends from our volleyball team. Eventually, when I graduated from highschool, I embraced the legally blonde girl in me and started to buy everything in pink. Here are the top 10 favorite pink items that you’ll find in my room: STILETTO 3M SCOTCH TAPE DISPENSER Before this was released locally, my BFF from the US sent me the black version of this (as seenRead more

Dogs And The City: Your One Stop Pet Shop

Everybody knows how much I love to spoil my pet Maltese/ baby, Tiffy the brat. I always shop for toys and supplies for her whenever I go abroad because I assumed that local shops in Manila don’t carry those items. But lo and behold, after chancing upon this pet store in Eastwood Citywalk, I will never buy heavy shampoos or smoosh pet beds into my luggage again. Dogs And The City, obviously inspired from the hit TV series, Sex and The City, is every pet owner’s haven. They’re got everything that we need – even those we don’t think of buyingRead more