Althea Korea Gold Sparkling Box + Swatches

This is my first beauty post for the year! I received this limited edition holiday Althea Korea Gold Sparkling box early in January but I only got to unbox and test out the products yesterday due to my ~crazy~ flight schedule. I’ve been traveling back to back since the year started so I haven’t had the time to do reviews.

But as my Chinese New Year resolution, I promise to update my blog more often starting with this post. Anyway, this isn’t my first Althea Korea box. I’ve ordered probably near a dozen times and I have some of the empty boxes stored in our attic because they’re too cute to throw out! I recycle them by filling them out with gifts and giving them away as presents. Althea Korea is quite known to sell below SRP Korean products and a lot of the brands in the site are not available or known in the Philippines so Korean cosmetics enthusiasts or those who have done their research know exactly which products to buy. They’re also famous for their promotional bundles like this Gold Sparkling box because they’re sold for only a fraction of the price. The one above has a value of P5,460.00 but has a price of only P1,330. What a steal! It sold out real quick (because who doesn’t love gold!?) but you can still check out their other limited edition holiday boxes HERE.

What’s inside the Althea Korea Gold Sparkling Box:

ONSAEMEEIN Lumiere Gold Daily Cream

I’ve never heard of the brand before but Althea Korea only sells reputable Korean skincare & makeup so I’m willing to try it out as soon as my daily moisturizer runs out. It looks very promising as a night cream because gold is a very good ingredient to prevent premature ageing.

LEAGUERTOX Gold Foil See-Through Illumination Mask

MISSHA Gold Snow Line Skincare Sample Kit

PETITFEE Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch

I saw this brand being sold in a popular chain of mask stores in Myeondong and it was displayed as one of their best-sellers. I’ve tried several eye patches similar to this one but it’s my first time to encounter a pot that comes with pimple spot patches!

It makes sense though, when our pimples have been popped or subsided, it leaves a dark and dry spot. This can help hasten the recovery of our skin and prevent it from drying any further.

The U-shaped one is for our under eye area. These are very effective in soothing tired and puffy eyes but I’m not so sure if it can minimize darkness and wrinkles. But we all know that prevention is better than cure so best to start using these even if you have minimal eye problems. A lot of makeup artists and I myself also use them before makeup application to make the eye area brighter and less tired-looking.

CHICA-Y-CHICO One Shot Eye Palette 

I was surprised at how highly pigmented these were! Korean eyeshadows tend to be very light because the heavy makeup trend is not that popular. (Shout out to Kim Kardashian West!) I prefer the Wine Burgundy (Left) over the Day Drink (Right) palette since I have countless neutral/ browns and the red+plum is a killer combination!

Swatches of Day Drink

I used the Wine Burgundy Plum + Red on my eyes and dabbed a bit of the gold shimmer in the middle to add drama.

Swatches of Wine Burgundy

Perfectly paired with my Green Air Optix Colors contact lenses.

NAKEUP FACE C-cup Lip Tox-tick

I was so in love with the packaging of this lipstick and its minimalist brand logo that I researched more about Nakeup Face. I thought that I was already an expert about Korean products but apparently there are too many mainstream brands out there that leave brands like these underrated and away from the spotlight.

As soon as I opened the tube, I was quite turned off with the color because coral tones do not suit me at all!

But after swatching it, I decided to give it a chance by applying it on my lips. Normally I just pass it on to my sister or friends if it’s a color I don’t like. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise….

Not only did the color suit me, the lipstick also left a minty sensation on the lips! It was also very hydrating so I wish I had taken it with me to Korea and Hong Kong where my lips needed protection from chapping & wind burn.

If you haven’t tried ordering from ALTHEA KOREA yet, you are missing out on a lot! I used to be skeptical and afraid to order because I thought that I had to claim it from our dreaded Philippine post office but nope, they deliver the boxes STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP! :)

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