Best Halloween Ever: Alesso @ Marquee Club Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

In the spirit of my favorite holiday of the year, let me share my BEST Halloween experience from 2 years (and 10lbs) ago at the Marquee Night & Day Club inside Cosmopolitan Hotel located at the Las Vegas Strip.

We started doing makeup around 8pm and made jello shots at home because alcohol in the Vegas Strip hotels cost an arm and leg. For the 5th and hopefully the last time, I dressed up as a Vampire but my bestie Bianca gave me ears so I can call myself a “Vampire bat”. LOL! So yeah, Ariana Grande turned Vampire Bat to be precise. The key item for this look would be my Air Optix Colors contact lenses in Sterling Gray to give me tantalizing creature of the night eyes. For the fake blood, I mixed some red lip tint with those translucent peel-off face masks so it won’t leave red stains on my skin after washing it off.

Alan serving the lime
Loading up before heading out!
Ever seen a bear taking jello shots?
Bow down to da kweeeen
My last Halloween with my Bestie!

Cheetos girl and the Burger King
Tormenting my BFFs rescue pupper

We arrived at the Marquee Night & Day Club (in Cosmopolitan Hotel) before midnight and the real party hasn’t even begun. Alesso came out a little past 2:00am, I think. We should have thought of a group theme like these group of dudes in hazmat outfits that came with blue crystal meth/ Breaking Bad characters.

Third wheeling Ash and Pikachu
Bear and Minion
Burger King and the Queen of his heart. Nuxx
What’s our theme!? Animal kingdom????

I did my bestie’s Cheeta makeup in just a few minutes! Everything was sort of impromptu so it’s a good thing she has more makeup than I do!!

Met this girl with the exact leather ears while in line to get in the club. Even though Las Vegas is called “Sin City”, everyone there is incredibly nice. Side story: You will never feel unsafe or lost when you’re roaming the strip alone. But like any tourist spot, be careful of the usual pickpockets. My dad even lost his phone once and someone surrendered it to security! We thought it would be gone since the place was packed with foreigners. That’s why I was so heartbroken with the recent tragedy and mass shooting that occurred at the Mandalay Bay. I hope the families find peace and justice.

The VIP is anywhere we are together :)
cool zombie decor at the Cosmopolitan
with the Spark it Boss big Brother BOF!!
Halloween-themed Marquee

The place was pretty packed especially in front of the DJ booth. But nevertheless, we had loads of fun. At one point everyone was separated from one another and we just eventually found our way back to each other before the break of dawn. Thank God I had my Globe Data Roaming on the entire time!!





I had no idea that by November 1 they would start adjusting their clocks for Daylight Savings. So when we went home at 5am, that meant we went home at 6am because they turned their time an hour backwards. I was even complaining why we left so “early” because the place was still packed. Lol!


Alesso played a wicked set that night and up until today his Forever album is still my most played playlist on Spotify. Ugh, just writing about this makes me want to go back to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Next DJ that I want to catch there is my current favorite, Mashmello!!

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