My SEXY BEAST Juice Cleanse Experience

Earlier this year, I started to become more conscious of my eating habits and *tried* to squeeze in some exercise after experiencing constant indigestion. My mindset was that I could ingest anything and everything because I was still young and I could easily get away with it. But nope, I could feel my health deteriorating after back to back binge eating, especially when I travel. I had to frequently take Domperidone after every meal just to ease my nausea, stomachache and vomiting. That’s when my one of my besties introduced me to JUICING so that I could cleanse my body from toxins, oil and all the junk in my system after every trip.

The Sexy Beast Juice is the third brand I’ve tried and I must say, it is the MOST EFFECTIVE one yet! BUT it is also one of the hardest ones to ingest, not because they taste bad, they were all very yummy but a lot of the juices contained Cayenne Pepper and I’m prone to ulcers. It’s my fault though because the juice set I availed is their most intense weight-loss program. (P4,380.00/ 3 days) You get almond milk to start the day if you avail of milder/easier ones. See the rest of the programs at the end of my blog entry.

All of their cold-pressed juices are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives and are formulated by the Philippine’s top celebrity food coach, Nadine Tengco. Why cold-pressed? The speed of home blenders and the temperature actually kill the vitamins and nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables so there is a right way to create these juices. I’d rather pay someone to do it and deliver it straight to my doorstep than having to create a mess everyday too! haha!

Me at my heaviest in February 2017 (Hi Jon!)

So, going back to my story on why I decided to juice once at the end of every quarter…. THIS is how I looked like after my two-week trip in Tokyo. I was alarmed after stepping on the weighing scale because I gained 5lbs thanks to all the sushi, steak and Japanese beer. All my clothes became tight and unflattering and I felt like I would bleed gravy if someone stabbed me.. I was at my heaviest so my family and friends were scolding me to get back in shape and change my bad eating habits. I also had several beach trips coming up so I said YES to juicing.

What I did to prepare myself for the worst:

  • Lessen intake of meat, oily food and heavy meals 2-3 days before the cleanse. Best results can only be achieved if only the juices and zero solids are ingested during the program.
  • Tell yourself you can do it – because if you keep saying you can’t, then you will never succeed!
  • Clear your work schedule on your first time. Being a freelance PR and writer, I could easily work from home so I literally locked myself in to avoid temptation. But I still had my daughter duties to dine out with my mom and she found it hilarious to torture me by eating a bowl of Chirashi as I watched in horror. If you have a desk job, just avoid going out or field work so you’re contained in one area. Office to home is the best route!

Here are some of the SEXY BEAST Juices I got to try:

Immunity Support

Belly Trimmer – My fave among all of their juices!

Endurance Booster

Metabolic Charger — my LEAST favorite drink because it was the most acidic/ sour

Fat Flush

Skin Glow

Beastie Best

Unlike other juicing programs, there is no specific sequence to taking these as long as you drink a bottle every 2 hours. I made sure that I drank from a different color on every interval. (ie. green-red-yellow) And drink AS MUCH WATER as you want in between or when you’re feeling hungry. None of the juices above “tasted like grass” (my term for yucky veggie drinks) and in fact, some were even very sweet and I would crave for them on some days.

DAY 1 is always the hardest because you have to fight with your brain screaming for you to eat. My biggest test was when I had no choice but to join my family for lunch at Max’s because we got stuck in traffic. Thankfully, I had extra juices in my insulated bags plus, I succeeded in distracting myself by keeping my earphones plugged and looking away as they devoured a spring chicken. QUE HORROR.

DAY 2 & 3 is surprisingly easier for me. Hey, if I survived an entire day without any solid food then I can live through anything!! You might be prone to having dizziness and hallucinations though. Like the time I thought I had vertigo but there was actually an earthquake. *IF IN CASE* You get really famished and feel like fainting, go cheat with fruits like bananas (high in potassium) or vegetables. One should also be considerate enough to inform friends and family because you will be very ill-tempered during the juicing program. No food = bad mood. But it’s all worth it!

The day after my 3 day cleanse with Sexy Beast (August 2017)

After every juice cleanse, I feel so much lighter and cleaner on the inside out. (my skin clears up too!) And I feel like I can work more efficiently and concentrate on work when I am less bloated. I lost a total of 6lbs in 3 days!

People were complimenting me left and right because my tummy shrunk, my shoulders became thinner and my face was slimmer too.

My legs also looked toned even without exercise. It’s probably from all the shopping cardio. I bought this top from Bangkok even if it couldn’t be zipped up because I really liked the design. The “free size” in BKK meant petite so my idea was to have it altered but after juicing, it fit me perfectly!

I don’t rely on juicing to lose weight because a yoyo diet is not healthy. I only do this to cleanse my system and the weight loss part is just a bonus. The best and safest way to trim down is by eating healthy, exercise and lots and lots of water daily! It’s best to consult your doctor if you have special conditions like low blood sugar or acidity before starting any cleanse.

I highly recommend The Sexy Beast Juice to everyone who wants to detox. Try it out yourself at! You may also inquire through 09171447399 :)