Shiseido The Collagen: Anne Curtis’ Skin Secret

I attended the launch of Shiseido The Collagen last month at Makati Shangrila Hotel, where they officially announced Anne Curtis as the face of the brand. She revealed that she saw signs of ageing like wrinkles on her face the moment she hit 30. Anne, who is currently 32, wants to age gracefully by taking Shiseido The Collagen. There are 3 forms but her favorite is the drink that comes in small bottles because it’s easier to take while on-the-go, especially during her long hours of shooting. She takes really good care of her skin by having a complete skin care regimen but sometimes applying collagen isn’t enough because our skin doesn’t absorb all the products. So that’s where Shiseido The Collagen ingestibles comes in – to make us beautiful inside and out.

Dermatologist Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino also graced the event and gave us more facts about collagen. Here are some points that I remember:

  • Our body produces less collagen in our late 20s
  • You can start taking collagen as early as 25
  • Eating fish or vegetables are not enough sources for collagen
  • Getting enough sleep and drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water is very important to achieve beautiful skin
  • Having enough collagen in the body will result in beautiful nails, skin and hair.

The active ingredients of Shiseido The Collagen include lingonberry, gooseberry, gaba, elastin and peptides. Some benefits include:

1. Lightens the Complexion – Amla has vitamin C and antioxidants, which bring a natural glow to your skin and

lightens the complexion.

2. Anti-ageing Effects – Regular intake of gooseberry has anti-ageing benefits as well. It makes your skin look and feel youthful. It also diminishes the wrinkles and fine lines that make way on your skin with age.

3. Exfoliating and Cleansing Agent – With an abundance of antioxidants, amla is a great cleansing agent for the skin.

4. Reduces Pigmentation – Amla is also known for reducing pigmentation .

5. Skin Brightener – Indian gooseberry has special brightening effect on the skin.

6. Treats Acne and Pimples – As we already mentioned, Indian gooseberry is an excellent antioxidant and blood purifier, so it fights off the micro- organisms under the skin, which causes most of the breakouts by infecting the skin.


7. Skin Toner and Tightener – Reduction in the skin collagen causes the skin to lose softness and firmness. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen cells in the skin; hence, it restores the soft and firm skin and prevents sagging.

8. Repairs Damaged Tissues – Due to the profusion of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, Indian gooseberry has healing properties. So, it heals the damaged tissues quickly and assists in getting rid of dead, dry and scaly skin.

You can choose from the following Shiseido The Collagen products available in Watsons and Mercury Drug Store:

Shiseido The Collagen EX drink (P254.50/ 50ml bottle) this variant is recommended for those who are 40 years old and older but you can take this if you have severely dry skin and collagen deficiency. I tried taking two bottles for two days straight and I didn’t break out despite what people say about taking higher dosages of collagen.

Shiseido The Collagen drink (P229.50/ 50ml bottle) This is what I take daily and also Anne Curtis’ favorite. She drinks two of these when she’s sleep deprived from her shoots. Best to take it before bed time so your skin repairs itself and the collagen drink aids it as you sleep.

The Collagen Powder (P2,499.50/ 126g pouch) This is my first Shiseido The Collagen purchase when I visited Osaka a few years ago and also the first type of collagen I’ve ever tried. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t have a fishy or unpleasant taste when you mix it with black coffee.

The Collagen Tablet (P3,499.50/ 126 tabs) Each bottle is enough for approximately 21 days. Take 3 tablets twice daily; once after breakfast and dinner or before bed time.

I’ve already finished one and my skin feels more plump and moisturized instead of dry or rough from my room’s air-conditioning when I wake up in the morning. You can see the effect in just 7 days. I still think the drink is more potent because I saw skin improvements in just 2 days and the tablet form made me feel constantly hungry. I’m not sure if it’s just a psychological effect since I read that somewhere before taking it. Lol!

Even though I like the effect of Shiseido The Collagen, I still do my skin care routine religiously because doing just one (ingestible or skin care application) is not enough to have beautiful skin. Visit any Watsons or Mercury Drug store nationwide to try it out!