Japan’s Anello Bags – Now in Manila!

Everyone knows how much I love the land of the rising sun. In fact, I went back twice to Tokyo in a span of three months earlier this year just for the sights and wonderful food it has to offer. The best thing I love about Japan would be its convenient railway so it’s easy for lone travelers like me to get around. Thing is, it’s not as cheap as other Asian countries so I try to make the most out of every ride by buying all the things I want at every stop. That means lugging around big shopping bags and my sling bag that gave me stiff shoulders. That’s when I noticed that most of the commuters in Japan either wheeled around a granny cart (stroller) or a backpack. I took a closer look at the stylish and young locals’ bag and a lot of them had an ANELLO backpack. That’s when I decided to buy this midnight blue nylon bag. It’s so convenient to use because it has several pockets, which makes it easier to organize my daily necessities and it even has side pockets for water bottles when I’m on-the-go. So when I heard that Japan’s Anello Bags is now in Manila, I was ecstatic to visit the store!

Unlike the small shop in Ueno that I bought my Anello bag from, the first Anello store located at the 3rd floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall is huge and carries almost all shapes, materials, sizes and colors of Anello Bags.

The price difference is not much. Approximately P500.00 for the backpack that I got (without tax refund) and they priced the leather bags the same price as the canvas and nylon ones. For some reason, the leather bags were priced higher in Tokyo. You can find a bag that perfectly suits your lifestyle in the SM Mega Fashion Hall branch. They have 3 types of materials….


Synthetic Leather


It was quite hard for me to pick just one bag because all the colors were very attractive and I wanted one for every occasion.

I was thinking.. Should I get the tri-color one so it’s easier to match?

Or should I get one of these hipster-looking leather back packs?

Perhaps one of these body bags with several pockets for my travels?

But alas, the basic b*tch in me told me to get the same exact bag that I already own but in red leather! I really find the size to be perfect and I don’t own any red backpack yet. It’s easy to match with my outfits and I’m pretty sure this will stand out in my travel photos!

Anello Philippines will be opening more stores soon. For now, you can find them at SM Megamall, Estancia Mall and soon at Uptown BGC, Alabang Town Center and Robinsons Magnolia.

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