Cathy Doll Whitening Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ Review

Do Not Disturb Hat & Swimsuit from SOAK Swimwear

Are you tired of hiding under a big floppy hat during summer, especially at the beach? Afraid of the sun or conscious about your bare skin? Then Cathy Doll’s Whitening Sunscreen is the product that you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve heard of Cathy Doll long before it hit our local counters because I frequently fly to Bangkok. They’re available in all Karmart stores – it’s hard to miss because it’s a super cute store shaped like a mini-pink truck! They’re known for their instant whitening products, most especially their face packs and lotions.

Cathy Doll Whitening Sunscreen has SPF50 PA+++ and contains L-Glutathione. This^ is how the product looks like. It may look thick but it contains water droplets so it is very easy to spread out and settles easily on the skin. It is non-sticky provided that you apply this indoors and not while you’re sweating under the sun. SPF50 is the highest sun protection any lotion can give so this is enough for swimming in the beach (yes, it’s waterproof!) provided that you will retouch after an hour of direct sun exposure. There is a strong but pleasant smell so apply a thinner layer if you’re not a big fan of scented lotions.

As I’ve mentioned, the brand is well known for their instant whitening effects just like this one. Upon applying the sunscreen, you will notice that it makes your skin look whiter immediately. It also has lasting whitening and pore-tightening effects because of its active ingredients.

You can use it on both your face and body to have flawless skin on the beach! My skin was so dry when I arrived from Tokyo and hopped on a plane to Boracay two weeks ago and this sunscreen really helped with my skin’s appearance. It has the same coverage as my translucent CC cream so it minimizes fine lines, big pores and dark spots BUT without making it seem like I have makeup on at the beach.

Cathy Doll is a Thai brand but all of their products are formulated in Korea. I’ve never been hooked to any Thai beauty brand yet but I am a true believer of anything Korean so this is another plus for Cathy Doll.

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