Philam Vitality App Review

Today, I want to talk about an app that I’ve been using for a while now. The Philam (life) Vitality App is a free application that you can download on android or iOS and link to your Fitbit device to get rewarded for reaching certain goals. Let me give a quick run-through on how it works.

First, of course you have to download the app.

And then you have to answer a few questions or input personal data in order to get your “Vitality Age”. Meaning, they will compare your real age VS your vital statistics and daily eating and fitness habits.

Okay, so I’m a bit embarassed to admit that I do not have any exercise in my daily routine and I’m a couch potato that binges on Netflix shows on my laptop. My work doesn’t require much movement so I’m basically a sloth and unhappy with my mental wellbeing.

After the app computed all the data I plugged in, it said that I am 38 years old VS my real age of 29.

It set a goal of 7,500 steps per day for me which is quite high for normal days that I’m just working from home.

Normally, I only do about 4,000+ steps if I’m home but because of this, I challenge myself to reach the goal in order to claim my rewards.

Look! I see to it that I get to claim the 50 daily points. I found myself brisk walking inside and around the house at 11pm because I was short 2,000 steps that day. Haha!

I was able to reach my goal a day befpre the deadline so I was able to open the rewards page.

You can also collect badges for bragging rights.

This is how the rewards page will look like if you haven’t reached your goal but….

Once you see this “target completed” page, you can avail of one (1) of the following:

Obviously, I went for the free Grab ride worth P200 because I’m a frequent user.

I’ve already used the coupon above so don’t get any ideas. LOL! It’s 100% real and easy to claim. Just click on the link provided by the app and input the numbers above to get the P200 discount.

It really pays to be active if you have the Philam Vitality app on your phone. So what arte you waiting for? Try it out now! To know more information, visit :-)