Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner Review

Last week, I was on a 3 day juice cleanse and it was driving me NUTS whenever I smelled food so I locked myself at home and made a list of things to do so I’d stay productive. #1 on my list would be to clean my makeup brushes with this Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner. (P428.00/250mL or P648.00/ 500mL)

The product is pretty potent so you only need a small quantity to clean a single dirty brush. This oval brush is also from Etude House and I’ve been using it with liquid foundation for over a month of no cleaning. Don’t judge! I always start with a clean face so I’m 100% sure no sweat or germs go to my brushes, hence, no need to clean them weekly. I also don’t use the same brush everyday.

Just swirl it around the brush cleaner solution (it smells great by the way!) and see it melt off all the makeup stuck on the bristles. Brushes used on liquid products have higher chances of trapping bacteria compared to powder brushes so be sure to clean them regularly!

Repeat process or try rinsing in water and use a new batch of Brush Shower Cleaner to make sure it’s extra clean.

Use cold to lukewarm water because hot water might melt off the glue holding the hair on the brush.

Gently squeeze out any remaining product or water after rinsing and leave to dry on top of an absorbent towel.

Voila! Your brush is not good as new and ready to be used again. You can read my review of the Beauty Tool Secret Brush HERE if you’re curious about this brush.


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