Sunscreen For All Seasons: Physiogel Daily Defence

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall… One thing remains in my skin care routine and that’s Physiogel Daily Defence sunscreen. We might not have winter in the Philippines but since I travel a lot, I get to use the two types of moisturizers in this line to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun or pollutants of whichever city I’m flying into. I never travel without it; if I realize that I’ve forgotten it on the way to the airport, I’d turn back to get it from the house. It’s just as important as my passport!

Physiogel Daily Defence not only has sunscreen, but it has a night moisturizer and a Daily Gentle Facial Cleanser as well.

I won’t be reviewing this right now since I want to talk about sunscreen more but here’s a physical comparison with the Physiogel Calming Relief Cleanser (left) and you can read my review of it HERE.

Physiogel Daily Defence Creams (L-R) Protective Day Cream LIGHT, Protective Day Cream RICH (both with SPF 15) and Replenishing Night Cream.

I use the LIGHT day cream on a daily basis when in Manila and whenever I travel to tropical countries like Bangkok. There is little difference between our cities when it comes to pollution because the people and their habits are similar and traffic is also terrible in BKK. Thankfully, this product not only protects me from the sun but also from dirt and pollution from commuting.

Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream LIGHT with the view of Pathumwan in Bangkok

SPF 15 gives the right amount of sun protection if you don’t plan on walking under the sun for too long. I try to avoid unshaded areas so I like taking the taxi and staying inside the malls. Would you believe it, I’ve been going there since I was 11 years old and I’ve never rode on a Tuk-Tuk (Thai tricycle) yet! Hehe! I need a stronger sunscreen if I plan on going to the beach.

Last month, came back from a two-week trip to Tokyo and my skin did not crack or dry up at all thanks to the Daily Defence RICH cream. I find the cream to be too thick for Manila because I have normal to oily skin when I’m home. But it feels like a normal/ light moisturizer with a colder climate. I continued using it for maybe 3 more days when I got to Manila to adjust, since my skin is still on the drier side. Some people think that just because the sun isn’t as harsh during winter time, sunscreen isn’t needed. But nope, it’s just as important because it shields the skin from the cold.

Physiogel Daily Defence RICH cream taken at Tokyo Solamachi (Oshiage Skytree)

This product protected my skin from bad wind burns and spared me of dry, flaky skin. I also tried using it as a hand cream and it was very effective too as my hand did not crack from being exposed to the strong winds of Tokyo. (Thanks to my gloves that don’t work with touch screen phones. Lol.)

At night, after removing my makeup and washing my face, I would apply this replenishing night cream to help repair my tired skin as I sleep. Even though I feel like the cold weather makes my pores close, it’s tough to maintain my skin during winter time because I’m used to the tropics and I tend to break out whenever there’s a sudden climate change. So guys, don’t forget the #1 rule when traveling… Use sunscreen no matter what country, season or weather you’re flying to!

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