LEADERS INSOLUTION Coconut Bio Masks Review

I am sharing one of my best-kept secrets as to how I am able to have flawless skin despite many factors like having a very stressful job (deadlines left and right daily), my bad habit of binge-eating on salty food & chocolates, being a heavy makeup user, trying on X new makeup and skincare almost daily and having little to no sleep most of the time. My best advice would be to drink as much water as you can throughout the day. But I’m sure everybody already knows that. What I do when I feel like my skin looks dull, tired or is about to break out is I cut open one of these LEADERS INSOLUTION Coconut Bio Masks (P148.00 per sheet) and then leave it on for about 30 minutes.


LEADERS Insolution is a Korean skin care brand that is created by leading Korean dermatologists. It was first introduced to us early last year. They have several variants to choose from; each product targeting a certain skin problem so there’s a specific product for every skin concern. I used to sleep with these masks on until the owner told me that too much moisture can also cause breakouts so try to keep it on for only 20-30 minutes. I’ve tried most of the Leaders masks but for some reason, I find myself going back to these Coconut Bio Masks even if they’re cheaper than the other masks sent for me to try. It comes in 4 variants:


TOMATO for Lifting


BROCCOLI For Soothing


ORANGE for Shining/ Brightening


BLUEBERRY for Moisture


What I love the most about this product is that it’s not made of tissue cloth – the typical material used for face masks. These are hydrogel masks made out of fermented coconut juice and infused with Tomato/ Broccoli/ Orange/ Blueberry extract which gives the lifting/ soothing/ brightening/ moisturizing effect.

DSC01351 copy

Each pack comes with a lot of extra serum so don’t forget to apply it on your face and let it absorb a bit before putting the mask over it. Or you can put the mask on and put the excess serum on rough areas like your elbows, knees or simply slap it over your neck. Make Leaders Insolution Masks a weekly habit to make your skin beautiful and healthy. Some people I know who are obsessed with masks have tried using it NIGHTLY and it has really made a big difference.

DSC01462 copy

My main reason for using masks is to make makeup application very smooth. You will rarely see fine lines or rough patches on my face because I slap on a mask before going to sleep when I feel like my skin is dry and needs rescuing. I highly recommend using moisturizing masks after exfoliating so it will easily be absorbed by the skin. Aside from these Coconut Bio Masks, their Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch is also my favorite. You can read my review about it HERE.


For more information about LEADERS INSOLUTION, like them on FACEBOOK or visit their WEBSITE at www.leaders.ph :)