My Top 10 Holy Grail Eye Products

What’s the most important part of your face? Is it your lips, nose, cheeks or your eyes? For me, the latter is the most noticed one so having beautiful eyes can leave a big impact on someone. We also use it to communicate and make eye contact when we are talking to our peers. Let me share with you my top 10 holy grail eye products to get tantalizing and unforgettable eyes.


Photo above : I mixed a couple of bright colors from my Catwalk Cosmetics Runway palette to achieve the color above. They’re very highly pigmented so it can stay on all day. Sad that I’ve run out of stock for this product last year. I’ve been busy with other things that I didn’t have time to maintain the brand. Should I reproduce and start selling them again online?


PRIMER : I never apply my eye makeup without using primer to improve its longevity on my lids so I tap on a little bit of Benefit Cosmetics’ Air Patrol primer on my eyelids and sometimes on my eyebag area. It’s not your average primer because it also protects our skin from the sun, smoke and pollutants.


CONTACT LENSES : I don’t rely on just makeup to change my look entirely, I need colored contact lenses like Air Optix Colors. The one I’m using in the first photo is in Colorblends BLUE. The great thing about this brand is, the longer you wear it, the more comfortable it gets.


EYELINER : I love having a winged cat eye liner all the time. I loved it so much that I actually had it tattooed permanently on my eyelids back in 2006. I kind of regret it though because the ink used wasn’t top quality so it discolored to blue-gray. I trace it with Etude House’s Proof 10 Gelquid Liner to make it bolder and darker.


This is my absolute favorite eyeliner from Etude House because it comes in the form of a liquid liner (dipping brush and all) but it has a gel finish! It doesn’t budge all day long but it’s also very easy to remove with oil-based makeup removers.


MASCARA : To make my eyes look even more alive, I put two coats of BENEFIT COSMETICS’ Roller Lash Mascara. Thank God they have a mini version of this so I bring it around with me during my trips abroad.


The wand is really something else. I don’t need to curl my lashes prior to application because it instantly curls up after brushing Roller Lash on.

See how my eyebrows look to natural but perfectly shaped? That’s because I had them tattooed on by BROWHAUS two years ago using vegan dye. I used to apply a lot of brow products to make it look full but now I only need…


EYEBROWS : My ultimate all-time favorite brow pen – K-pakette’s 24 Hour Lasting 2-way liner! It’s hard to go wrong with this because it’s very easy to wipe off with your fingertips (immediately) in case you make a mistake.

DSC08142 CONCEALER/ HIGHLIGHTER : I don’t have eyebags because I layer on a lot of eye cream every chance I get but my eye problem would be dark circles from all of my sleepless nights. I use Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Eye Brightener on top of my liquid foundation and before setting it with powder to give my eyes a lifted look. This can also be applied below the brows to accentuate the arc.

BEAUTY BLENDER : Guess what, Beauty Blender is OFFICIALLY in the Philippines! Not a lot of people know it but the official distributor is Sprint Asia – the same distributor as Orly and Wet and Wild. You can find the complete range of Beauty Blenders at PURE BEAUTY Stores. I was amazed at how the prices didn’t differ that much from Sephora USA!
DSC08147 I use these small beauty blenders for precise blending on the eye area and highlighting the nose bridge. Will have a separate review for these soon!


EYE CARE : Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair cream (gel-type, actually) has been part of my skin care staple since 2012. I always buy a lot whenever I’m abroad to save a little bit of $$$. Recently, Shiseido Ultimune Eye is a new product that I added to my regimen and I think it’s here to stay. It’s a booster for eye creams/serums so it’s meant to be applied BEFORE them to double its effects. I also felt that it keeps my eyes more moisturized and less tired.


EYE MASK : On crazy work weeks that I have to pull an all-nighter, I “revive” my eyes by using Leaders Insolution’s Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch.


I’ve introduced this brand to several friends and even got my family hooked on this specific product. It’s our emergency eye patch for whenever there’s a special occassion the following day. I know we’re supposed to wear this for only 15-30 minutes but I’m guilty of wearing it to sleep!


The next day, my eyes feel less tired and the eyebags and discolorations have lessened right away. It’s as if the product can suck away all my stress. haha! The hydrogel material (above) holds in water and other ingredients to keep the eyes moisturized and hydrated. Everyone at home is nabbing all my stash of Leaders face and eye masks because we’re hosting a big event this week.

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