Review: Go Bare with Locycare Nail Gel

If you have been following my blog since I started posting on Tumblr, you’ll know that I am a self-confessed nail biter and at the same time, a frustrated nail polish addict because I have so many bottles of lacquer but so little nails to work with. But last 2013, I promised myself that I’ll try to maintain long nails by painting them every time my nail polish chips so I won’t be tempted to nibble them. It was an effective plan to break my bad habit because I started to have longer nails in no time but I endedRead more

Laboracay 2015 Survival & Party Guide | #LetsTakeOverSummer

It’s that time of the year again when the island of Boracay will turn into one giant party playground called “LaBoracay”. Do you know where you’re going to spend sunset sessions and the rest of the night? I do! I’ll be there together with my Globe family at all their events and to check out their concept store in station 2. It’s so funny because I’ve traveled across the seas and toured almost every continent in the world but I have never been to our very own Boracay. I am a foreigner in our own country! If you’re a first-timerRead more

BELO Essentials Underarm Whitening Products

Two weeks ago, I grabbed these FREE Belo Essentials underarm products from to see if there’s a chance for me to have white and flawless underarms like Anne Curtis. I need to improve how mine look so I won’t be insecure when I raise my arms to call the waiter for the bill or wave my hands in the air during a music festival. Belo Essentials Whitening Deo Spray Shower Fresh (P184.75/ 140mL) is my preferred type of Belo deodorant because I stopped using roll-ons years ago. The latter tends to make me feel sticky and sprays or solids areRead more

Benefit Cosmetics x Marj Sia Makeup Workshop! (April 25 & May 16)

I hope you didn’t fall off your chair after I announced my workshop’s latest collaboration!! ;) This summer, I’m partnering with the uber-cute makeup brand from San Francisco, BENEFIT COSMETICS! I am pretty sure the slots will be gone quick because I only have two available dates: April 25 or May 16 at 1-5pm. (Both are Saturdays)I will only accept a maximum of 12 students per class so it’s easier for me to focus on each and every participant. :) There’s actually a private class tomorrow for those who didn’t make it to my previous classes and requested to beRead more

Giveaway: CURE Natural Aqua Gel + CURE Water Treatment

It’s been almost a year since my last giveaway so I hope you will love these products as much as I do.   Remember CURE Natural Aqua Gel? They will be giving away a free bottle of their Water Treatment Skin Cream for every purchase starting this month. You can buy the Skin Cream outside because it is specially made for their Japanese employees only. I love this product because it is my weekly ultra-mild exfoliation gel that removes all product build up and stubborn makeup that is hard to wash off. A full-sized bottle pump is P1,500.00 and canRead more

Melissa One by One (9 flats, 81 combinations)

These may look like an ordinary pair of flats but they’re actually part of a very unique and versatile collection of Melissa Shoes called ONE by ONE. These flats live up to their name because they are sold individually. You can buy a pair for Php 2,895 or Php 1,447.50 per piece. The pair I picked out is half Black (left) and stripes (right) and vice versa so I can switch the shoe from one foot to the other. The shoe mold is not curved inwards like normal shoes so it will be comfortable whether it’s worn on the left orRead more