My Browhaus Brow Resurrection (Eyebrow tattoo) Experience

A lot of friends and readers have been dying to read about my experience with Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection since last year. At last! I got to recover the lost files from my old Macbook. Now I have a backlog list as long as SLEX from all the missed reviews and event photos that I thought  I had lost when my 7 year old laptop died on me. Imagine my horror when I turned it on and only a folder with a “?” appeared. But I’ll save that story for some other time so I can finally share my Brow Resurrection experience with everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.05.11 PM

The photo above is one of my last few moments with sparse and uneven eyebrows. They may look fine to most people but I’m really OC with my brows so I want them to look PERFECT every waking day so I agreed to have this procedure done on me without any hesitation. The first thing they did was to shave, cut and draw to give me a preview of what to expect after the tattoo.


Don’t be afraid to tell your brow technician what you want. Remember, it’s SEMI-PERMANENT so you MUST like it because will have to live with it for a while or until it completely fades away. I have to admit, I didn’t get exactly what I want because the only person who can do my brows perfectly is FE from the Serendra branch but she was sick when I had mine scheduled. I’m satisfied with the outcome but I can’t wait for the FREE retouch that comes with every Brow Resurrection so I can have my favorite brow technician redo it. I’ve already sent countless of friends, readers and students to her for brow threading and eyebrow tattoo. Heehee!


My before and after mug shot! See how perfect eyebrows turned my appearance from innocent looking to F-I-E-R-CE !? Don’t forget to try and smile before having the drawn on eyebrows permanently tattoed so you can make adjustments. Most of us have facial muscles that makes one eyebrow go higher than the other when smiling or making big facial expressions. That’s what I forgot to do. :\ Fe would have reminded me about my weird facial muscles because she’s been maintaining my fabulous brows since 2012!


When you’ve agreed on the ‘preview’, they proceed to applying topical anaesthesia on top of your brows. You can sleep or relax while waiting for it to take effect.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.47.30 PM

I’m not entirely new to having cosmetic tattoo done on my face. As you can see, my eyeliner is permanently tattooed too! I’ve had it since 2006 because they used PERMANENT tattoo ink. The downside is that when it fades, it turns a bit blue-gray! :o I hope Browhaus will offer eyeliner tattoo services too because the dye that they use is safe and doesn’t change color over time.

Browhaus uses premium VEGETABLE DYE so it doesn’t change color but it lightens or fades away after a few months. I was told that it lasts for only 6 months but it’s been almost a year and my eyebrow tattoo is still intact.


Another great thing about their dyes is you get to pick the shade. They also do patch testing on the skin prior to doing the tattoo just to make sure you’re not allergic to organic dye.


Since my hair is always dyed either light brown or red, I had them mix a little bit of #2 and #3 for my eyebrows.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.33.39 PM

The dyeing process is a bit similar to dyeing your hair because they leave it on for a while after “feathering” on your brows. It’s what they call their tattoo technique because they don’t just color your entire eyebrows, they draw tiny lines to recreate strands of hair so that your eyebrow tattoo will look extremely natural.


Instead of the traditional tattoo machine with gun (pen) that artists use, Browhaus uses this tool with fine multi-pins to manually draw on the brows. Each one of these are good for single use only so they never reuse and throw them away after every use.


The whole process took about an hour and a half (max!) and this is the only part where it might hurt a little for newbies. I didn’t feel anything thanks to the topical anesthesia but if you have low tolerance for pain, I suggest taking a 500mg Ponstan before the procedure.


Aaaaaand one more last photo before I reveal the results — A final group photo with blogger Leanne (middle) and Ms. Tab, the owner of Browhaus before we had our Brow Resurrection. Leanne and I are both pure Chinese so we know that having sparse brows is a common problem for us. I am already quite lucky to have visible brows because hers are both thin and light.


Voila! We are now two proud row Resurrection babies! Do you prefer us with or without tattoed-on brows??

P1140186 closeup

It looks a bit angry on the first night since my skin was punctured repeatedly by the tiny pins. The challenge wasn’t exactly surviving the tattoo process because I’ve already done it four times in the past with my eyelids and some scars, but the hardest part would be NOT getting my eyebrows wet for 5 days. It’s very important to follow the after care instructions and use the Brow Resurrection after-care kit as needed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.50.16 PM
Brow Resurrection After Care kit – FREE with every Brow Resurrection


It *might* sting a little on the first night so be sure to clean it well. Can you see the “fake” strands of hair that was drawn on m brows? Took a macro shot so that everyone can see how natural it looks compared to the traditional eyebrow tattoo.


Take note that it scabs will start to fall off maybe on the 4th day so be sure to clear your schedule while your eyebrows recover. My mom had a fabulous idea of inviting her friends over on the very first night I had it done so they all thought I drew my eyebrows badly. Haha!


This is how my brows looked after the recovery period. It still looked a bit thick but it blends well with full makeup on.


This photo was taken a month AFTER having Brow Resurrection. It looks thinner and is extremely natural. I did’t have to apply any eyebrow makeup for about three months because it looked as if I drew my brows everyday using K-Palette eyebrow tattoo.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 2.33.27 PM

This is how my brows look like TODAY. It faded a little bit but I still have full eyebrows and the “feathered” strands are still visible. I only apply eyebrow gel to keep unruly hair in the right place.


The question that I get the most after having this done is: “Is it worth it?”.  Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection costs P39,000 inclusive of a FREE retouch session and the after-care kit. I know it’s a bit expensive considering how much our average salary is in Manila but I can really say that Brow Resurrection will give you your money’s worth especially if you have brow-woes like invisi-brows. I don’t want to recommend just anybody so look for FE of Browhaus Serendra (my forever favorite brow technician) for this procedure or even for simple eyebrow threading. She’s very honest to her clients because she will really reject those who don’t need Brow Resurrection.


You can find BROWHAUS at Serendra, Greenbelt 5, Abreeza, Lucky Chinatown & Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall. Drop by any of these branches for a free consultation before you decide! :)


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  • Is eyebrow tattoo similar to other tattoos? I mean, hindi ba pag nagpa-tattoo ka bawal ka magdonate ng blood or something? If you get ba an eyebrow tattoo, ganon rin ba?

    • I think it’s the ink of traditional tattoos that don’t allow you to donate blood. Browhaus uses vegetable dye so that might mean that it won’t affect your blood. Best to consult a doctor regarding this.

      My Macbook died on me some time in August and for some miraculous reason, my friend got to make it work again while I was on vacation last December. Luckily, none of my files got lost. Does your power button still work?

      • Yes, but when I turn it on, it shows a blinking missing folder. If I boot it with an external HD, it works. The SSD most likely got corrupted but I’m hesitant to let Power Mac or iStudio to repair it. I feel kasi they’ll just reformat without trying to recover the files.

  • Anne Bilbao-Abrilla

    Hi Marj, just had eyebrow resurrection done by Fe of Serendra. I thought it would last at least 2 years, I was surprised they were offering re-touch after 6 months for 7500. I’m based abroad so I can’t come back that soon. They said after 2 years I will have to start from scratch and repeat the process. Which means paying the entire 42K. How are your brows after 1 year?

    • Hi Anne! Mine is now over 2 years old. I had my retouch after 14 months from the initial tattoo. Fe was the one who did it and it was nice. I guess this is a case to case basis. But don’t worry, I forwarded your concern to the owners and someone will try to contact you. I hope you get to fix it. :)

  • gigie

    hi marj i just want to know where you havve your brow resurrection done and who to look for thank you

    • Hi Gigie! Just saw this. I had it done at Lucky China Town branch but my retouch was done in Megamall. Look for Issa, Jenny or Fe!

  • KP

    Holy smokes! almost $900!!!! that is ridiculous!!!! I would think itll be cheaper to have it done in Manila than in the US!

    • Yes I know the price is a bit steep but the quality of tattoo ink and tools is really high end. I had my eyeliner tattoo done at a cheap place before and now it’s faded blue-gray! :( I’m hoping to have it covered by Browhaus so it becomes black again.

  • sonic

    hi marj.. still trying to decide whether to go to browhaus or edwin lisa for eyebrow embroidery.. what made you choose browhaus?

    • Hi Sonic! I’ve never heard of Edwin Lisa before so I can’t compare. However, I have friends who have had botched eyebrow tattoos and they have no choice but to live with it or have it lasered off – more pain and expenses. Browhaus is a very reputable brand known globally so I will only trust my brows with them.