Olay ‘Beauty Wash’ from Sample Room Ph

I grabbed these full-sized OLAY Moisturizing Body Wash samples at Sampleroom.ph last week. I tried out one variant per day to find out which among these ‘Beauty Wash’ scents is my favorite. I had a hard time deciding between the cooling strawberry & mint and refreshing cucumber and green tea because I love eating strawberries and drinking green tea frappe (lol, what a reason) but these two smell really great and leaves the most scent on the skin compared to the other three. But after using it for the second time, I concluded that the cooling strawberry & mint isRead more

My Browhaus Brow Resurrection (Eyebrow tattoo) Experience

A lot of friends and readers have been dying to read about my experience with Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection since last year. At last! I got to recover the lost files from my old Macbook. Now I have a backlog list as long as SLEX from all the missed reviews and event photos that I thought  I had lost when my 7 year old laptop died on me. Imagine my horror when I turned it on and only a folder with a “?” appeared. But I’ll save that story for some other time so I can finally share my Brow ResurrectionRead more

From Beauty Blogger Friends to Sisters

Being in a traditional Chinese family makes me more excited bout Chinese New Year than the traditional Christmas (December 25) that we celebrate in Manila. Chinese New Year (CNY) is less than a month away so I thought of writing a little something for my closest friends. Just like any other holiday, it’s not just about receiving gifts, shopping or food binging. It’s about spending time with family, loved one, and friends – especially those you didn’t spend enough time with throughout the whole year.   I’m quite close to most of my blogger friends especially to my beauty bloggerRead more

What’s In My Travel Toiletry Kit? (Spain 2014)

Last month, I spent Christmas and New Years at Spain where it was leather weather all the way. We also has two days layover in Beijing, China where it was freezing so I made sure I was fully equipped with the right amount of skin care. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the temperature dropped to negative 7 (-7) degrees on the day of our arrival. A lot of my tourmates suffered from wind burn and cracked skin after our vacation but I didn’t have any skin woes when we landed back in Manila. Let me share someRead more

OOTD: My Best Friend’s Wedding| Dahilayan Forest Park

I had originally drafted this entry for me to post while in the Trafalgar tour bus when I was in Spain but this OOTD is special to me so I decided to save it for later and type it on my laptop. My trip to Dahilayan Forest Park in Cagayan De Oro last November was the most enjoyable and fun trip that I had during 2014 so I hope that this OOTD will be a great start for 2015. Dress from Plains & Prints Holiday 2014 Collection White Estrelicia Heels from Melissa Shoes It was my first time to travelRead more