Photos from my Tony Moly Makeup Workshop | November 22 & December 6, 2014 Schedule!


Last September, I held two makeup workshops with Tony Moly Philippines & Catwalk Cosmetics. Like any of my previous workshops, everyone got to take home loads of gifts like the personal care products above.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES They also got this limited edition Tony Moly x Super Junior bag with deluxe TM samples and gifts from Dove, Colgate & Oracare inside.


Optic White compliments the makeup style of Koreans because they all believe in ‘white beauty’ so having perfect-looking white teeth is a must!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Oracare on the other hand isn’t something for cosmetic purposes but it gives you fresh breath and gets rid of bacteria in your mouth without the sting. My whole family swears by this local brand!


Beginners who have zero experience or even a makeup kit are very welcome in my class because everything from skin care to brushes is already provided for them and they get to take home most of the items used in class.


They got to try out, choose and take home their preferred Catwalk Cosmetics palette and the latest makeup of Tony Moly.


After the class, I took a short survey and their favorite product for skin care was the EGG PORE PRIMER because it made their skin smooth before makeup application.


Not only is it effective (mattifies the skin and covers pores) but it comes in this really cute egg-shaped packaging!


While for makeup, it was the lavender Kiss Lover Style lipstick that got everyone hooked. Most of them have never put on bright colored lipstick so it was a pleasant surprise for them to find out that lavender looks good on almost everyone.


We discussed everything from skin care to contouring in class. I encouraged everyone to arrive with no makeup or wipe off everything before class.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Here are one of my mommy students taking no-makeup photos before we proceeded to makeup application.


I guide my students for every step that’s why I keep the class to a maximum of 12 students or I’ll go crazy! :))


Most of them were fast learners so it wasn’t hard to manage a full class.


Did I say fast learner? I meant gifted. Look at how Cyra was able to apply her eyeshadows like a professional.


Thea and Jo on the other hand was able to master the art of blending foundation and powder to get that natural, no makeup look.


Each and every workshop of mine is memorable because there’s always a joker around. For my September class, it was this hilarious group of kikay moms.


Thank you to TONY MOLY, Dove, Oracare and Colgate for providing gift bags for everyone. My students went home will big smiles after opening them. ;)


They were surprised with the Dove pack because it included all of their best-selling products inside.


Since a lot of my readers weren’t able to join the August and September TONY MOLY classes, I’m holding two last sessions of it on NOVEMBER 22, 2014 (Saturday) from 1 to 5pm OR December 6, 2014 (Saturday) from 9am to 12pm at my private studio in Pasig City (near Tiendesitas). It’s a one-day class only so pick a date upon enrolling. The exact location will be sent via e-mail to confirmed students only. :)

TM WS dec 2014

Just like my previous classes, ALL students will get to take home a personal brush set, gifts from partners  and depending on their chosen package*, you can save a lot when you avail of Catwalk Cosmetics Eyeshadow, blush or contour kits as freebies during these sessions.



Package A (P2,800) Includes Makeup brush set, Catwalk Cosmetics 28-color eyeshadow palette of your choice, Freshlook Contact Lenses, Full-sized Colgate Optic White, Oracare, a huge set of Dove products and gifts from TONY MOLY. There will be tons of luxe samples and full sized products worth over P3,000.


Package B (P3,500) Includes Makeup brush set, ANY Catwalk Cosmetics eyeshadow palette of your choice, Sculpt and Contour Palette, Freshlook Contact Lenses, Full-sized Colgate Optic White, Oracare, a huge set of Dove products and gifts from TONY MOLY. There will be more free products included in Package B compared to A. All items amount to over P3,000!


The gift bag will include the following products for EACH student:

1548160_627154943989106_1721319705_o A pink makeup brush set and a gift bag filled with TONY MOLY makeup samples and FULL SIZED products. You can browse their products and stay updated with promos at their Facebook Page.  

A pair of Freshlook Contact Lenses and gift certificates – please specify eye prescription/grade upon enrolment. A doctor from Alcon/ Ciba Vision will be there to give everyone a guide on how to wear and store contact lenses.

doveDOVE was very generous in giving us tons of SETS for all of our students to take home.  You can read about my #RealBeauty experience HERE. Colgate-Optic-White Aside from the usual skin care, I want to share with everyone the products that I use to achieve whiter skin and fresh breath. Colgate Optic White is also giving out full sized products to everyone. Yay! 1234714_10152332028223212_8646838976666895820_n All bags will also include ORACARE products. I always have a bottle in my makeup kit because even will all the makeup, you can’t be beautiful without fresh breath. LOL! :)))


Kidding aside, a lot of makeup artists have mouthwash in their kits because it will be awkward to talk to clients especially after taking a lunch or merienda break. It also comes in handy if the model/client is sleepy, hungover.. heehee :) Students can decide on the day itself which Catwalk Cosmetics Eyeshadow palettes they want. They can test the samples provided in class so they get to take home the palette that best suits their style. Sculpt & Contour Kit – Size per powder is same as MAC Foundation Compact Rose & Tangerine Blush Duo- Size per powder is same as MAC Foundation Compact 28 NATURAL Eyeshadow Palette – Size of each powder is same as a 1-Peso coin 28 PINK OVERLOAD Eyeshadow Palette – Size of each powder is same as a 1-Peso coin 230315_111546855598664_104022576351092_122600_3304579_n 18 Color High Pigment Eyeshadow and Blush Set 120-color Eyeshadow Runway Palette (You can pick ANY eyeshadow palettes above for Package B)
Aside from basic makeup application, we will also tackle the following topics:

  • Skin Care Routine
  • Makeup tools
  • Brush Care and Makeup Life/ Storage
  • Contact Lens Care, Application & Storage
  • Day & Night Makeup (from primer to powder to adding color on the eyes-face-lips)
  • Sculpting and contouring/ re-shaping the face
  • Ask me anything! ;)

Again, ALL MAKEUP will be provided by us so you don’t need a makeup kit to join. Beginners are VERY welcome in my class!


By the way, the most frequent question I get is, “what’s the age limit?” —NONE! I’ve had students who are only 15 and so far the oldest was 56. She was a hip mom who went with her daughter. :D So there, don’t be shy! It’s a great way to make new friends who are also into makeup! :>


As mentioned at the start of this post, our latest schedule is NOVEMBER 22, 2014 (Sat) 1pm to 5pm OR December 6, 2014 (Saturday) from 9am to 12pm. The venue is at my private studio in Pasig City. It’s not too far from Tiendesitas. The exact address/location will only be e-mailed to confirmed students only.


I will only accept a maximum of 12 students so enroll now by sending your full name, PREFERRED DATE, e-mail address plus preferred package to 0917-8929289 or (I prefer SMS).   Hope to see you there!! :)



  • D Camacho

    Hi Marj! Looking forward to your next makeup workshop schedule!

    • Hi! Please leave your e-mail address or send an SMS to 0917-8929289 to get the latest schedule. Our summer workshop is on April 18, 25, May 16, 23. Thanks! :)