10 Things to Hoard at The Etude House Great Princess Sale (20% off EVERYTHING!)

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Have you heard about Etude House’s Great Princess Sale happening this weekend? EVERYTHING in their stores will be 20% off the tag price so it’s the best time to stock up on your daily skin care regimen or buy the product that you’ve been wanting to try but never purchased because of the price. I hoard every time there’s an Etude House sale; should see how I went wild on my first grand sale haul back in 2011. You can check out the items I bought HERE.


This year, I’ve already prepared my list of items to buy and I’d like to share them with everyone because these are the staple Etude House products that you will find on my dresser:


1) We scream for EYE’S CREAM! Unlike any other eye cream, this small but incredible stick includes SPF and mint to cool your eyes. It is recommended for day time use but can sometimes be tricky to blend in with your makeup so I think this is best used when you have a bare face or going to the beach.


2) Every wonder woman needs WONDER PORE CORRECTOR to minimize the size of their pores. It stings a bit upon application but it only means that the product is effective because the stinging sensation is making your pores closed or smaller. I tried using this to dry up a monster pimple one time and it became dry and smaller the following day.


3) There are so many LIP & EYE MAKEUP REMOVERS in the market but Etude House’s is one of the most affordable and effective removers I have tried. It’s very gentle on the eyes and doesn’t make my lashes fall off or my lips peel. The ones in the photo are travel-sized ones given by my friend from Korea. A full-sized bottle will last a long time because I remember throwing away the empty bottle after a year I bought it.


4) Essence? Lotion? Moisturizer? Still confused with the Korean skin care routine? Lotion means TONER so you use it before the essence followed by moisturizer. The difference between the latter two is, moisturizer is a lotion or cream used to prevent drying of the skin while essence usually comes in a transparent liquid form which contains special effects (ie. whitening, brightening) I’ve been using the PEARL AURA BRIGHTENING ESSENCE nightly for two weeks now and there’s a huge improvement because my skin became dry and dull after my Japan trip.

5) Hindi ka magsi-CC with these CC creams (You won’t regret buying these CC Creams) because they’re non-sticky, not thick and won’t make you shine like a crystal ball when you sweat. Lol! These CORRECT & CARE CC CREAMS are so light, it feels like second skin and gives undetectable coverage.6

This photo is a bit embarrassing but I’m proud to share what I do with products I can’t live without. I love the SILKY variant so much that I cut it into half so I can reach the leftover products inside. HAHA :)) I taught my friends to do the same because the pump stops working when there are few products left. This is my second tube already and I’ll be sure to buy more at the Great Princess Sale.


6) Say GOODBYE PORE EVER to your unwanted pores. Just like the Wonder Pore Corrector, you use this pore primer stick on the nose and areas where there are huge visible pores before applying makeup. This will make your skin smooth, matte and makeup application easier because there won’t be any rough parts that will cause your foundation to cake up. Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Stick also comes in a liquid form if you don’t like balm-type primers.


7) Halloween is around the corner but before you worry about your costume’s mask, grab a few sheets of FACIAL MASKS & EYE COLLAGENS at Etude House first. There are tons of masks to choose from that can address your face concerns and the eye collagen patch does wonders especially when you have tired eyes. It can also make you feel relaxed when you have eye fatigue.


8) I don’t have an actual product photo of this anymore because my sister took them all. It’s one of the cheapest and effective facial cleansers that I’ve tried because HAPPY TEA TIME CLEANSING FOAM leaves your face squeaky clean and has a light soothing green tea scent. You’ll be amazed at how big this tube is in real life and it’s only P148! You can see the actual product from my 2011 ETUDE HOUSE HAUL.


9) If CC cream isn’t enough for you, go for something with more coverage like this PRECIOUS MINERAL ANY CUSHION BB CREAM. Be sure to buy a lighter shade because the color tends to change if you sweat a lot or have acidic skin. Already have this? Buy the refill so you can save 20% on your next cushion.


If you want something with color correcting powers, go for the PRECIOUS MINERAL MAGIC ANY CUSHION in PEACH or MINT. These are used before foundation or BB Cream but can also be used alone like their SIlky CC Cream. The Peach is used to brighten up the face while the green one helps cover up any redness on the skin.


10) And last, but one of the top priorities in my shopping list, NAIL POLISH! Especially the glittery kind! Etude House carries a lot of unique colors and nail care products like Help My Finger nail polish. You shouldn’t skip out on their nail polish sets because you really get the value of your money and they can be stored for a long time and don’t dry up. One of my unforgettable sets are the Party Queen Nail Polish Sets in Gold & Silver. Hope they will make a similar set again.


So, have you decided on which products you’ll be buying at the Great Princess Sale? Go to www.etudehouse.ph to browse through all of their products with prices so you can plan out your budget. :) If you wish to learn more about Korean makeup and skin care, join my TONY MOLY MAKEUP WORKSHOP happening next month, November 22, 2014. It will be the last Tony Moly makeup workshop and possibly the last session I will hold for the year.

TM WS dec 2014

Etude House & Tony Moly are one of the few Korean brands that I buy and I love them both equally. There are great products under both brands so I like to share them with my workshop students. Find out more about my class HERE :)