DIY: How to Clean Jewelry & Remove Stains from Your Bag


During our cruise last Christmas, I took along my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag with me because I knew how much I like to stuff my bag with toiletries like lotion, SPF, petroleum jelly, cooling gel – anything to protect my skin and face from the sun.Little did I know that one of my tinted moisturizers would explode inside and stain the canvas lining of my bag. >:(


When I got home, my mom taught me one of her secrets on how to safely remove stains from canvas bags. Or in my case, the canvas interior of my LV. You will need the following items for this:

  1. Palmolive Baby Bottle, Toy & Dish Wash (You can use any dishwashing liquid but since we are cleaning delicate and expensive items, I prefer to use a mild one like this)
  2. Clean toothbrush
  3. Small Dish for mixing


Luckily, the stain on my bag was minimal because I kept all bottles containing liquids in a ziplock or makeup case.


But yeah, it’s still not a good sight. Imagine my horror when I saw the fresh stain. So now, let’s get on with the cleaning!


Mix together a few drops of dishwashing liquid with water into the clean dish or bowl using the toothbrush. I used around 3 small drops in 50mL of water. There’s no exact measurement for this;  just make sure you scarcely use dishwashing liquid so it won’t be hard to rinse off the canvas.


Using your clean toothbrush with the cleaning solution (saturated dishwashing liquid), GENTLY brush the area with the stain until it lightens and forms a lather.


You will then see the lather change color – obviously, into your stain’s color. This means that it’s slowly being removed from the canvas. In some cases, there are stubborn stains that can’t be COMPLETELY removed so don’t force it by over-brushing the canvas to avoid causing damage to it.


Clean the toothbrush under clean running water and then repeat the first step. This is to remove the remaining soap on the canvas. Continue doing so until there are no bubbles left. Afterwards, use a clean cloth to remove the excess water and let it air dry for a few minutes.


If you want to hasten the process, use a blow dryer but switch it to COOL mode because heat might ruin the leather and canvas of your bag. Voila! The stain is gone and my bag’s interior looks good as new. :)


I’ve done this several times and they work perfectly on all types of canvas. I must admit though, I was hella nervous when I was doing it on my LV bag because it was my first time to stain an expensive bag. Use this technique with caution and at your own risk. Best to try it out on cheap canvas first before trying it on luxury brands.


You can also use this solution to clean your rhodium-plated or real jewelry. Just leave them in the dish with mixed dishwashing liquid and water for 10-15 minutes and you will see all the dirt removed from them.(as seen in photo above) It works really well with all my Charriol jewelry because it’s so hard to remove dirt tangled in between the cable. Don’t forget to rinse with clean water afterwards!


For questions, feel free to email me at :)


Hope you found this tutorial useful. :D

  • CzarinaMaye

    Hey Marj,

    Great post! I wonder if that cleaner is available locally? Meron kaya sa S&R or Cash and Carry? ;)

    • marjsia

      I bought it at S&R Fort. Hopefully it’s still available! If not, try organic liquid dishwashing soap like DROPLETS of Nature. :-)

    • I got mine at S&R Fort last year so I’m not sure if it’s still available. If not, you can try organic ones like DROPLETS of Nature. :D

      • Justin

        Hi Marj, where do we buy the TIDE PEN or DROPLETS of NATURE?

        • I bought one before at S&R but I also remember seeing one in Shopwise a long time ago. You can call them to check :) For Droplets of Nature they are available in selected Supermarkets. Shopwise in Libis carries the brand before. Not sure if they still have it. Hope this helps! :)

  • Ayie

    Thanks for this, Marj! Is this also applicable for ballpen stains?

    • For ballpen stains I tried using a TIDE PEN and it completely removes it especially when it’s a fresh stain but use with caution because these contain strong chemicals. You might want to try at a hidden or small area first. :)