GLOBE iPhone Forever Plan

I received the cutest gift from Globe this Christmas. They really know me well because out of all the cute candy colors, they picked the pink one for me – perfect for my kikay personality. I recently upgraded to their iPhone Forever Plan which entitles me to a new iPhone every time Apple releases a new model. All I have to do is swap my old unit (iPhone 5C) with the latest one. I can do this for up to 24 months/ 2 years so I’m assuming that I’ll get my hands on both the iPhone 6 and 6s beforeRead more

ZENEA Facial Contouring Review

Last month, I was able to try out Zenea Slimming and Body Sculpting Center. It is considered one of the top centers in the industry offering non-invasive slimming and body crafting services to a premium market. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities; innovations in facial contouring, body crafting, skin tightening and fat removal are fashioned specifically according to their client’s needs, physical condition and schedule. Each unique program combines expert consultation with advanced technologies for amazing results one can see, feel and measure in minutes – without surgery, pills, injections and exercise. Treatments produce no bruising or scarring, and recovery time is zero. Read more

Convert Globe GCash to Globe Rewards Points

The year is coming to an end so it’s time to watch out for the expiration of certain gift certificates and points. That’s when I realized my GLOBE REWARDS Points are about to expire soon (March 30, 2014) so I need to use them up. What better way to maximize my points by using the GCash promo. If you have insufficient points to claim the specific item you want, you can convert your Globe GCash into Globe Rewards points from now until January 30, 2014.P25 Gcash is equivalent to 20 Globe Rewards points. You can watch a movie, go on aRead more

Christmas Shopping @ ZALORA! (How to Get 10% off & Free Shipping)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas is the best excuse to eat a lot and shop excessively without feeling the guilt. Of course, you won’t just shop for yourself but you’ll be buying gifts for your friends and loved ones as well. If you’re a hermit during the daytime like me, it’s best to do your shopping online. What better way to shop and save by using the ZALORA mobile app with GLOBE and get 10% regular items and FREE SHIPPING nationwide! This promo is only for Globe subscribers and  valid until December 20 only so hurry and download the app on Google PlayRead more


DID YOU KNOW…. In this era of bespoke trends, personal blogs, and selfies, it would be quite logical to assume that Filipinas finally have a healthy sense of self—that they now acknowledge their own beauty and think of themselves as being truly beautiful. However, this recently uncovered reality suggests otherwise: This was a finding borne from the recent Dove-commissioned study that gathered women from Southeast Asia, concentrating on the Philippines, to uncover “The Real Truth About Beauty.” The regional study hoped to define the beauty sensibilities of women from within the country and across the region. The findings show aRead more

See YOU at Bloggers United 6 (Ticket Giveaway!!)

It’s that time of the year again!! :) (scroll down to the bottom for giveaway) PR: When a group of top fashion bloggers unite for the country’s grandest holiday bazaar, one can expect nothing but a shopping experience that is more fun, engaging, and personal, as evidenced by the recent successes of blogger bazaars in the country.   This year, the 13th World Bazaar Festival (WBF), running from December 6 to 22 at the World Trade Center and undoubtedly, the country’s biggest and most- awaited Christmas charity shopping event, proves this true as it once again partners with “Bloggers UnitedRead more