My Freshlook Illuminate Makeover w/ Julia Montes

Last week, I was one of the lucky few who were invited to the very intimate makeover event of Freshlook Contact Lens. They called 4 random Freshlook Illuminate users drawn from various optical shops and surprised them with the news that they would be styled and made over by Julia Montes’ style team and have a photoshoot afterwards. But the bigger surprise happened during the makeover itself. Julia Montes decided to do the makeup of some of the winners to show off her makeup skills which she acquired through observing how makeup artists did her makeup. She is truly oneRead more

OOTD: Smoke & Mirrors

Do you know what ‘smoke and mirrors‘ are? It’s something or someone that distorts the truth. It blurs facts and tricks people into believing in what they see. I’d like to think of it as some kind of mind trick that blinds people from reality. A beautiful magic spell. Smoke and mirrors. Everywhere. I sometimes feel like I’m trapped in this giant mirror maze; gasping for air as I try to escape. But I can’t let anyone see the sadness that is within me so I show no sorrow and pretend that everything is okay. I am holding my breath untilRead more

Plains & Prints Holiday Collection

Last weekend, I dropped by the Holiday Collection sneak preview of Plains & Prints at Shangri-la Mall. The photo above was taken right when the mall opened so it was still empty. But it got crazy and packed around lunch time and onwards. The line going to the dressing room looked like the line outside of a packed club. Lol. I must admit, it’s been a while since I browsed the entire store of Plains & Prints because I rarely shop in Manila and I only browse through the clothes rack when someone tells me that their current collection isRead more

Bobbi Brown SM Megamall Store Opening

Last month, Bobbi Brown opened it’s doors at SM Megamall. It’s located on the 2nd Floor Bridgeway of the mall so it’s in between Mega A & B; adjacent to Mega Atrium. It’s very near Forever 21 so you won’t miss it when you’re on your way there. This branch is by far their biggest store in the Philippines. I would have taken more photos if my camera didn’t die on me and my s4’s photos didn’t get wiped out on the same weekend, too. What darn luck, right? Good thing Bobbi Brown PH was able to send me aRead more

UNIQLO Fleece (Latest Collection)

UNIQLO launched a renewed lineup of fleece garments – the product that propelled the company’s growth. The line offers never before seen items, with designs and textures that transform fleece into a versatile and fashionable garment complementary to a range of settings and applications. Angela and I bumped into each other at the Uniqlo Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs block screening at SM Aura. Even though I was not able to catch the movie because I had to be at the Samsung Hall launch, it was really cold at the mall so the fleece really came in handy. AngelaRead more

Wardrobe Makeover w/ Ever New | Bolshoi Ballerina Collection

Been absent from my blog for about a week. I was too busy organizing 2 big events. Last weekend, one of my good friends just got married and I was the Maid of Honor. It was so crazy; I wanted to hibernate the day after but nooooo I had a big PR event to execute. Haha! Anyway, here are photos from my EVER NEW Makeover Giveaway last month. I gathered the 3 lovely ladies at EVER NEW BHS and, instead of picking their outfits, I asked them to get creative and grab whatever they want to wear from the racks.Read more