Are You a Klutz Like Me? (GLOBE Gadget Care FREE subscription)

Have you ever misplaced or lost your phone? Are you the type that treats his or her phone like a frisbee? Let me share my “unfortunate” but funny and lucky experiences with my beloved smart phones. I may be uber organized with my bag and other things but I can also be a klutz at times. When I was in college, I left my Nokia phone in Rockwell’s movie house cup holder TWICE and I had to retrieve it from the same office and the same person. He gave me a “tsk, tsk” look and said be careful with your thingsRead more

Shiseido Ibuki Makeover (Winners)

Last week, three lucky ladies won a head to toe makeover from Ever New, Shiseido and my blog. Here, I’ll talk about the makeup that I used on them and the wardrobe makeover will be posted on my next entry. Shiseido Philippines was kind enough to let us play with their makeup. They sent us their holiday collection eye palette, foundation and lipsticks. Of course, before applying anything, I made sure that their face is clean and applied a little bit of Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer as their base. Since Shiseido is a Japanese brand, they’re well known for havingRead more

Oishi Team-O Jeep-O (WIN a Giant Oishi Giftpack!)

Oishi has done it again with another O-Wow surprise for random commuters in the Metro. Read all about Team-O Jeep-O and don’t forget to join my contest for a chance to win a giant 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack. It’s so cute, I can’t wait to get mine! Mechanics are at the bottom. :) PR: Last October 1, Oishi and Team O members Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magalona, and Slater Young devised a very special O Wow surprise for young students in the Intramuros and Luneta area. O—a special jeep driven and occupied by these three celebrities in disguise, surprising thoseRead more

OOTD: MEG Victory Party

I wasn’t supposed to blog about this event because I forgot to bring my camera with me but since I won outfit of the night, I decided to post random photos that I found on my #GlobeGalaxys4 camera the other day. Thank God these were saved because I accidentally wiped out my entire SD card. Waaah. :( Dress EVER NEW | Necklace RAMPAGE | Clutch FOREVER 21 | Shoes RAJO by Parisian I didn’t know that the theme was NEON so my friends thought I had prepared by shocking pink dress for this event. It was really fun meeting allRead more

Lipstick Application Tips Using Shiseido Perfect Rouge Parfait

I noticed that a lot of online tutorials keep talking about complicated makeup tips that we forget to address the basics like simple lipstick application. If you’re a makeup artist like me, it’s best to use a lip brush all the time since the lip color will be applied to numerous clients. You can choose to apply it directly on your lips if you’re the only one using it but be sure to wipe or slice off the top part of the lipstick every once in a while for hygienic purposes.   BEFORE LIPSTICK APPLICATION, BE SURE…. You have CLEANRead more

How to create WOW BROWS

Starting today, you can buy this WOW BROWS eyebrow kit from Majolica Majorca for only P899. You get to save up to P216 and get a tweezer for free. This basic kit contains a tweezer, brow customize sword holder, the brow customize pencil (refill) and a brow colorist gel in your preferred shade. Since I have light brown hair, I go for the blonde brow customize and Vanilla brown brow colorist- the lightest in their collection. Let me teach you the simplest way to draw and define your eyebrows. First, get rid of the excess or growing hair with theRead more