Strip Ministry of Waxing: Lavender Leg Wax + Valentine’s Month Promo!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Have you met my date, the Strip Virgin Monkey? :)) We just met last week at Strip Manila’s Greenbelt branch when I was about to have my hot lavender leg wax for the first time. He was kind enough to give me a tour there! (by the way, I’m a brunette!!! :D)

Strip Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus are found under one shop/area in Greenbelt 5. The rooms there are so cool, it’s like stepping into a space ship or submarine. It’s so convenient to have my services done there because I can walk into one shop and walk out hairless from head to toe instead of hopping from one salon to another.

While waiting for your turn, check out the photos of celebrities who have *literally* stripped everything off for Strip Manila.

Anyway, I was so glad I got to drop by Strip because it’s been 2 months since I had any services done on my legs. Lo and behold~ cavewoman legs! :o

The hot lavender wax is applied with this roller. I’m used to cold wax but this didn’t hurt at all. They have a standard temperature that is sure to be just right on the skin.

After applying the wax, a cloth is gently pressed onto your skin to remove the wax together with all the unwanted hair.

The aftermath!! Sorry if this grosses you out but I really had no time to have my legs waxed for the past months. The good thing about this type of hot wax is that it doesn’t just remove unwanted hair, but also your dead skin. So my legs looked whiter than ever after waxing!

See! Super shiny, celebrity legs! Make sure you wax before your date tonight or this weekend so you can wear the sexiest and shortest skirt in your closet and make your date go va-va-voom when he sees you. ;)

Speaking of dates, Strip has a promo for couples this Valentine’s month. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and print THIS COUPON to get 50% off on their Brazilian services. :)


Have a fun and sexy Valentine’s Day! :)