24k Shopping Challenge w/ Nivea Express Raid at Forever 21 (You can join too!)

Last week, Nivea gathered my blogger friends and I at Forever 21 Megamall as early as 8am to experience the NIVEA EXPRESS RAID. (Photo L-R: Vern & Verniece Enciso, Myself, Valerie Chua, Jackie Go, Martha Sta. Barbara)

We weren’t given all the rules prior to going there so they briefed us about the challege:


  • We have to shop (grab) 24k worth of items in 60 seconds.
  • Items must form a complete outfit: Clothes, Bags, Shoes & Accessories.
  • The total must NOT exceed 24k or else it immediately disqualifies the contestant.
  • The winner with the nearest total to 24k will get ALL of the items included in her shopping bag. Items may not be changed into a different item but the size may be exchanged.
  • Those who didn’t win will still get 2k worth of Gift Certificates.

After the quick brief, we were given 2 minutes to roam around Forever 21 to scout for the items that we plan to get. Everyone was so excited when they found out that we’d get to keep all the items IF we won.

As soon as they gave the go signal to start shopping, I hurried to the accessories section and grabbed some jewelries that I spotted on my way in.

I was still poised and took my time picking clothes and bags until I realized that there was only 30 seconds left and I was wasting time.

*POISE GONE*. I started to grab everything in sight and ran straight towards the shoe section because most of their shoes were priced at P1,500-P2,000 each. It was the easiest and fastest way to reach 24k with the short amount of time left.

I saw the Enciso sisters with huge bags containing tons of shoes. I guess their strategy was just to get a LOT of shoes because it was easier to compute that way. Smart!

Time’s up! We were asked to go back to the starting point and prepare our items for check out & computation.

Everyone in the room was so tense when they were computing the total. I was disappointed because I only got 1 bag full of items and 1 big bag so I was pretty sure my score was far from 24k.

But to my surprise, these items totaled to P22,000+ already! I was short of one shoe! Drats!! :)) My dear friend, Jackie Go, was the lucky girl who got to took home all of the stuff she grabbed during the NIVEA EXPRESS RAID.

Thanks to Jon for being my lovely photographer. He was able to get so many action shots of me running around Forever 21. Aylaveet! :))


You can experience what my friends and I did too! Get the chance to partake in the NIVEA EXPRESS RAID by sending entries through their FACEBOOK PAGE.

You can see the complete mechanics in the NIVEA EXPRESS RAID APPLICATION. Good luck! I hope one of my readers will get to win 24k from Nivea & Forever 21.


Stay hydrated with Nivea Express Hydration lotion! :)