Havaianas 2013 Collection


I was invited to partake in a short tour and a sneak peek into Havaianas’ 2013 collection at their office last December. Two thumbs up to their visual artist for creating such cute displays for us. I still regret not taking a photo by this flip-flop tree!

Now, here are some of my favorites from their 2013 collection. Some designs are already available in Havaianas shops but some might be released around March-April- right on time for summer!

My first pair of “classy” flip-flops were from Havaianas back in 2007. They’re very sturdy and comfortable. As a matter of fact, I still have them with me and use them from time to time.

Obviously, I would have swiped this leopard print pair if no one was watching. :p

A lot of their designs looked Balinese or Thai inspired. This red pair resting on top of an elephant really caught my eye.


Studs, anyone? Would you wear this to a party? ;)

This pair reminds me of my “flower-girl” friend, Val!

Of course, any Havaianas collection wouldn’t be complete without their classic flip-flops. I just passed by the shop yesterday and a lot of them were up to 50% off!

They also have a collaboration with Disney and this pair with the cute, freaky cat from Alice in Wonderland is something that I will surely buy.

I wish we had cute designs like these when we were little.

Out of all the pairs I saw, I took home this lovely floral pair with pewter-colored straps and gold logo. I always get dark colored ones because they’re easier to clean. :)


Thanks again, Havaianas Phils., for having me!


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