How To Fix Broken Makeup (Powder)

Got nothing to do during the holidays? Here’s something to keep yourself busy~ organize and fix your makeup kit! I did that exactly so I came across my broken Catwalk Cosmetics Contour Palette while cleaning up my dresser and got inspired to do this post.

It fell off the table while I was doing makeup during a shoot. It’s such a waste to throw out good makeup so I called up my supplier and asked how to salvage it because only half of the highlighter cracked. Here’s what he taught me~

STEP 1: Pulverize the cracked/ broken powder until there are no more big pieces left.

STEP 2: Using a spray or dropper, carefully spray or put a few drops of ALCOHOL on the damaged area. This is the key ingredient to making the pulverized powder whole again. I’m not so sure how much exactly is needed so I apply little by little until the powder looks compact again.

STEP 3: Using your clean fingertips, lightly press the powder to make it compressed and then apply a little bit of alcohol again to seal it in.

STEP 4: Using wet wipes, clean the sides of the powder. Voila! Your broken makeup palette is good to use again!

I hope you find this tutorial useful. These steps can be used to fix any type of powder makeup. (ie. eyeshadows, blush, etc.)


Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!! :)

  • Wish I saw this before I threw my broken eyeshadow away. :(

  • Nina

    Genius! Thankssss!! :)

  • amazing! i thought you were going to transfer the pulverized powder in another container. thanks for sharing marj! :D

  • Apol Maipid-Espiritu

    Doesn’t the alcohol affect the ingredient of the powder?