Burger Bar: What’s your beef?

We were invited for a sneak eat at the newly opened BURGER BAR Restaurant in Greenbelt 2. It’s on the same strip as itallianis and Izakaya. I’m not a huge fan of burgers, but this restaurant convinced me to have more than one burger in a single sitting. *burp*

Of course, a burger meal wouldn’t be complete without the extra carbs on the side. For starters, we had ONION RINGS (P80). These are soooo good! One of the best ones I’ve had because the batter is really thin and cooked perfectly.

GOLDEN CHEDDAR MOZARELLA STICKS (P225) These may seem like your average mozarella sticks but….

OMG, they’re filled with mozarella and cheddar cheese. Cheese is like my leopard print (kryptonite) when it comes to food.

Confession: There were 3 of us dining that night but we were able to finish 4 burgers plus all the other side dishes and drinks in this entry. THE DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER (P285) was a good start for our burger-scapade. Unlike the usual fried burgers, BurgerBar’s burgers aren’t that oily so you won’t feel guilty after gobbling down a bunch of burgers there. I highly recommend their double-patty burgers if you have a big appetite.

Burger Bar has a line-up of unique homemade burgers. We were able to try 3; as recommended by the owners. First is the BAR BURGER (P290) Mic was the one who had this so I can’t really remember how it tastes like since I only had a bite or two but it has bacon and cheese in it plus onions rings on top.

THE RISING SHROOM BURGER (P280) was my personal pick. It has fresh mushrooms and fried oyster tempura on top. I absolutely love the fried oysters. I wish they would consider making it a side dish. It would make a great “pika-pika” food while drinking beer.

Mike ordered the HANGOVER BURGER which we all agreed on, is the best burger that we tried that night. It’s topped with a sunny side up egg and..

..has a secret special sauce inside! As you can see, the meat is nicely cooked; still a bit rare inside– just the way I like my burgers!

Aside from their burgers, this SALTED CARAMEL MILKSHAKE (P175) blew my mind. I think I died and went to milkshake heaven after my first sip. Salt and caramel is a very interesting combination and can end up ghastly if mixed in the wrong way. Burger Bar’s is PERFECT. You have to try it to know what I’m talking about.

I almost highjacked this waiter who happened to pass by with 3 CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES.

We ended the night with these LEMONADE MARGARITAS. They have really good slushes cocktails that I’ll be going back for soon. Be careful though, these taste really harmless but we ended up like laughing hyenas after a few rounds.


Thank you so much for inviting us for the sneak eat, Burger Bar! My friends and I can’t wait for our next visit!! :)


To see the rest of Burger Bar’s menu, LIKE their FACEBOOK PAGE.


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    Looks good. I love burgers!