Strip Ministry of Waxing: Gingerbread Cookie Wax

I was invited by STRIP (sister company of Browhaus) to try out their latest holiday special wax, the Gingerbread Cookie wax.

Apparently, they have special wax “flavors” per season. I could feel the Christmas spirit when I entered the shop because of the cute decorations and the scent of Gingerbread.

I love the interior of their waxing rooms. Unlike the other waxing salons I’ve visited, their rooms are very spacious and you even have a cabinet for your bag and a rack for your clothes.

They have stuffed toys all over the place. This is too cute and naughty! They’re trying to convince guys to get a “Boyzillian” with the 40% off on their first try and telling them it will make their ‘manhood’ look bigger without the bush. I hope there are no minors reading this. :))

I took a peek in their wax cabinet and found these cute heating machines with 3 wax flavors: Gingerbread cookie, Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcake.

I was quite shocked when I found out that the Gingerbread wax was actually HOT wax. I haven’t had that kind of wax in ages! So I was scared and the wax technician had to persuade me to go through with it.

The wax had a really creamy texture and smelled like REAL Gingerbread cookies so I couldn’t say no. She tried it on my underarms first so that I’ll know how it feels when she moves to my “basement”. Hihi :>


It was a weird feeling to have hot wax used after years of getting used to cold wax and I actually liked it. It was much faster so I didn’t have to go through as much pain as I had with cold wax.

Up next, I tried their UNDERARM WHITENING & TIGHTENING treatment.

It was somewhat like getting ultrasound on your underarms using this machine. :)) My skin immediately felt smoother and the lines were less visible after 1 session.

After my Gingerbread Cookie wax treatment, I was given this super cute Gingerbread cookie from Party Perfect. All treatments come with one! :D

And of course, I was given this post-treatment care leaflet for some guidelines after waxing. The most important thing is to NOT wet your waxed areas for at least 24 hours. You might also want to avoid wearing tight clothes since it might cause ingrown hair.

Like STRIP MINISTRY OF WAXING MANILA on Facebook for more information and a list of their branches here.

  • weee! can’t wait to try it :D