Monthly Archives: June 2012

Cougar on the Prowl | I’m Shoe in Love!

Everyone knows that there’s one animal print I can never resist whether it’s on a bag, shoe, dress or scarf, I’ve got to have it in my closet! My leopard obsession started last year and my friends have been calling me the “cougar queen” ever since then. When we went to Borough last week, they said that […]

Sueño de Espadrilles <3

Val, Crissey & I visited Sueño de Espadrilles at The Podium mall last summer. I misplaced all my files so I’m posting my April-May blog entries just now. :s Thankfully, this is my last backlog entry. Wuhoo! It’s a good thing Espadrilles never go out of style. ;) It was my first time to enter the shop […]

The Power Of One | Globe Tatt Awards

One dab of concealer can hide hundreds of flaws. One pat of blush can attract you thousands of men. One tube of lipstick can last you through millions of kisses. (but please don’t try this with millions of men, I’ll lose respect for you) hahaha just kidding!! :) I just watched Globe Telecom’s latest TVC and realized […]

The Makeup Artist Learns How To Paint

I joined Valerie Chua’s watercolor workshop last summer and got reacquainted with my crappy painting skills from gradeschool. Lol. I’ve been a frustrated artist since then because I’m surrounded by extremely talented friends like Val and I discovered that the canvas I’m meant to work with isn’t a piece of paper or cheese cloth but a person’s face.  Here’s […]

Fashion Roadtrip (For Shoe Lovers Only!)

Here’s the first from my long list of backlogs since I went on blogging hiatus a month ago— A Fashion Roadtrip with bloggers care of VNC, The Little Things She Needs and The Flat Shop. I had lunch with my favorite bloggers (the usual suspects) at Cook Book Kitchen in Eastwood. That was the day after […]

What It Really Means to be Free | Bloggers United 3

I guess it’s a bit too late to greet everyone a Happy Independence day. In fact, I’m way behind schedule for a lot of posts since I’ve been out of the blogging radar for about 3 weeks now so here’s an Independence Day Nail Art to welcome myself back into the blogging world. It is of course, inspired […]