Monthly Archives: April 2012

My Favorite Steak Place: MAMOU: A Home Kitchen

My parents always teased me about being thrift and not spending a dime on them so finally, after one million years, I decided to treat them to a lavish lunch. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@DearMarjSia), you’ll know that I frequentMamou (Serendra) or Mamou Too! (Rockwell) because my family looooves steak. We prefer eating it at the […]

Perfection by Cream Silk: Become a Perfect 10!

Cream Silk set up an intimate event for bloggers a week after our Holy Week vacation. It was perfect timing because I needed a break from all the shopping at Hong Kong and I was going to Tagaytay that day. It was really funny because I thought that we would only use The Spa as our venue but […]

Royal Effem Makeup: Into the Deep Blue Sea (LOTD)

How’s your summer so far? It’s been crazy hot here in the Philippines lately so I thought of doing a makeup look that can make our hot summer days a bit cooler. It’s also dedicated to everyone headed to the beach this long weekend. (humph. *bitter*) :)) Let me introduce to you a recent discovery […]

An O, WOW! Moment with Elmo Magalona & Oishi

I was invited to the press launch and unveiling of Oishi’s latest O, WOW! Campaign endorser. I had no clue whatsoever who it would be so I moved all my morning plans so that I could be one of the first to find out. *eager beaver mode* XD When I got there, a giant O, Wow! bag was handed to me and they […]

Catwalk Cosmetics Summer 2012 Makeup Workshop Schedule + Special Guest Bloggers

Our schedule for this April is a bit tight, I know. The first session is 10 days from now so I’ll be giving a special price for April 21 if you enroll with the special discount code from our special guest fashion bloggers. (Read on to find out who!) You can choose between two dates: April […]

Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party | Catwalk Cosmetics Summer 2012 Makeup Workshop

I was invited by Parisian Bags and Shoes to participate in their Bloggers Pictorial Party at Elite Studios in Makati. We were asked to choose two pairs from their summer collection and model one of them for the campaign. Parisian Bags & Shoes has been in SM for as long as I can remember. My mom told me […]

I AM MEG event | Summer Outfit | RED Highlights!

Last week, I attended the I AM MEG event at Skye with Valerie. (MIA in this entry) The invitation said that cocktails would start at 6pm and we arrived on the dot. We forgot about the “Filipino time” and that everyone would be fashionably late given that this is a fashion magazine’s event. Since we had a lot of […]