Are you a Party Queen? (Etude House Gradation Nails)

Here’s one nail polish set that every bling queen must own: Etude House~ Party Queen Gradation Nails in #3 Party Gold. This is a sure eye catcher and conversation starter at every party when you hold your cocktail glass and flash these pretty nails. My friends were envious of this set because it’s already sold out in some branches. But don’t worry, the key nail polish to achieving this nail art is the one with gold giant glitters for the tips (photo above) and can be bought separately. I think it’s under LUCIDarling Nails. But I still suggest that you getRead more

TORCH Restaurant’s Valentine’s Day Menu + Dinner for 2 giveaway!

It’s the time of the year again when love is everywhere and restaurants get fully booked by love struck couples of all ages. Last week, I got the privilege to be one of the first to try out Torch Restaurant’s Valentines Day menu. I’m a regular customer there so I was quite excited to taste something new and different aside from their usual thin crust pizza or steak medallion. First up, the starter: Torch’s Pepperoni Panizza Panizzas are hand-rolled thin-crust pizzas. I’m glad they served it this way because it would be really awkward to use your hands during a date especiallyRead more

NYX Cosmetics | FivebyFive Shoes | Shop at

If the eyes are the windows to the soul then NYX’s I dream of St. Lucia eyeshadow palette will surely give you a colorful personality. The I Dream of St. Lucia palette consists of 5 best selling NYX eyeshadows and I found it to be the most appealing out of their Caribbean Collection. I rarely use pastel colors since they tend to make my eyes smaller but when blended well, it can give an angelic effect. Just don’t forget to draw a thick or winged eyeliner to make your eyes bigger. I wasn’t satisfied with the pigmentation of the eyeshadows when I swatched them on my hand.Read more

Dove Beauty Set Giveaway! ♥

Are there beauty products that you can’t live without even for a single night? Are there some hotel toiletries that you simply cannot use because you’re so used to a particular product? I have a beauty confession: I cannot live without Dove deodorants or soaps. When I was a kid, I sort of didn’t like Dove products because I found them boring and I liked fruity scents or colorful branded toiletries. (What a sucker I was for those) I remember my Dad would always bring a heap load of Dove Cream Bar (soap) whenever he came back from the States since it wasn’t that convenient toRead more

Start the year Bright! (Color Club Hologram Nail Polish)

They say that old habits die hard. But this year, I plan to make my biggest bad habit die a slow (hopefully not painful) death. Clue: My teeny tiny nails above. Yes, I’ve had the bad habit of nail biting since I was a little girl. [Contact Lens: Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray] My mom has tried so many techniques to stop it because my nails look like an infant’s nails. *ashamed* One time she even suggested putting chili oil. THE HORROR!!!! 0__0 So obviously, my new year’s resolution this 2012 is to try to stop nail biting. I resolved to applying one coat ofRead more

Realizations: On Life, Love & Stilettos (Drama ahead)

I’ve been staring at my laptop for the past 30 minutes; figuring out how to start this entry. “Hello 2012!”, nah, I’m kinda too late for that or “Just got back from Europe & I’m stil jet lag!”, meh, so boring. Besides, I don’t intend on writing about my trip just now. I’m not even going to be blogging about my latest finds or makeup tips. I rummaged through my blog archive and noticed that all I ever posted were my favorite beauty products, food or events that I attended and I never shared anything personal to my readers except a fewRead more