Hong Kong Vacation Gone Bad + The Aftermath

It’s been a while since I posted something here. I’ve been missing in action because I got “injured” and was too down to blog about anything. Normally, I like to post pictures/ visuals so people can get an idea about what I’m talking about but I’m afraid it might scare everyone away. ;__; Summary: I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago for a business & leisure trip but instead of relaxing and enjoying the super sale, I had a really crappy time. On the first day, I got really air sick so I stayed in until dinner time. I’mRead more

Catwalk Cosmetics Makeup Workshop: BATCH 2 Makeovers

2nd Batch of my Maybelline makeup workshop. As usual, my students didn’t have a hard time learning how to put on makeup thanks to the easy-to-use makeup and brushes provided byMaybelline & Suesh. Everyone was impressed by the strong pigments of Catwalk Cosmetics Runway palette and were convinced that bright colors CAN be used at anytime of the day. Normally I would give a short write-up for every student that won a prize, but I kind of forgot because of the amount of work that I’ve been juggling lately. ;__; So I would REALLY appreciate it if you’re a partRead more

It’s official! Catwalk ✖ Etude House Makeup Workshop ♡

Hello Princesses! Guess who’s hosting my next makeup workshop??? My favorite Korean makeup brand ~Etude House!! :D The first time I stepped into this ‘dollhouse cosmetics heaven’ back in 2007 at Korea, I never imagined that I would get the chance to work with them so this is definitely a dream come true.♥ They will provide ALL makeup that will be used in the classroom. A brief skin care education will also be discussed using Etude House’s most popular products so students can learn the daily skin care routine before putting on makeup. The gift bag will contain various goodies suchRead more

My Hong Kong Survival kit

Greetings from SALE-landia! (also known as HK) It’s my 3rd night here and I’d just like to share what makeup and skin care I brought along with me. :> Etude House Furry Makeup Pouch ~ Got this for free for purchasing P2,000 worth of EH products. Garnier Light Roll-On ~ I cannot leave the house without this. Surprisingly, its SRP here in HK is 4x more expensive than ours. :o I think I abused it while I was in the airplane. XD Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush in Rose ~ Brought a natural shade only since I’ll be relaxing and shopping for 8 daysRead more

Forever 21 turns 1 ✖ Nivea turns 100

It’s time to show off your skin and celebrate as Forever 21 Philippines turns 1 and Nivea’s 100 Years Skin Care For Life campaign. I recently discovered a new lotion that will make me more confident in showing off more skin despite my weight gain. (uh oh, gaining more this week at Hong Kong!) Nivea’s Express Hydration Body Lotion. The lotion is very light; no heavy or sticky feeling while keeping the skin soft and moisturized for over 24 hours! BUT even with this new discovery, nothing will replace my fondness for the classic Nivea Creme. It’s similar to their Angel Star Soft Body Souffle but fluffier (lol) andRead more