valeriechua: lovechic: ROCKING IN COLOR BLOCKING Feanne, Crissey, Shai, Marj, Val, Tricia and Domz. Grab a copy of the Philippine Star tomorrow, y’all. April 1. You’ll find out what this is all about. Photo: Jurgen Estanislao. *I LOOK LIKE THE BAND MANAGER* 8D (via crissey8) Source: lovechic

Twitter-Anniversary Contest Winners

Congratulations girls!! :) I can’t live (or leave the house) without my Mac NC35 concealer, Etude House Lucid Darling Fantastic Rouge Gloss in Nude & Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream too! Keep following me at for the latest updates and makeup finds. My next contest will be announced later this week via Twitter. Thanks to everyone that tweeted back and joined this contest. I discovered a lot of makeup essentials that girls can’t live without! ;) *WINNERS (Tweeter/ Avatar photo above) Please e-mail your contact numbers to so I can tell you how you can claim your MAYBELLINE UNSTOPPABLE MASCARAS.Read more

Twitter-Anniversary Giveaway!

Giving away 6 Maybelline Unstoppable Mascaras to 3 pairs of friends tonight at TWITTER! As a bonus to my Tumblr followers, I will reveal the contest question here 30 minutes earlier! Tweet your answer to @DearMarjSia. Here goes: Q: Name 1 friend and 1 makeup product that you cannot live without. 3 pairs of friends will each win a Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara. Winners will be announced on Sunday (March 27, 2011) at 10 PM. Rules: 1. You may only join once per day. 2. You need to retweet the contest question (as soon as I post it by 9pm) to qualify. 3. Stick withRead more

Confessions of a Hardcore Insomniac

Confessions of a Hardcore Insomniac Do you find yourself still wide awake during the wee hours of the night despite going to bed early? Have you tried seeking help from the doctor or taking medications to help you sleep? Well, I’ve tried all the desperate measures just to get myself some shut-eye because I’ve had trouble sleeping since I was in High School. The worst no-sleep-marathon I’ve had was for more than 48 hours back in college during our finals/hell week. *oh the memories* On a normal night, my average sleeping time would be 3-4am even if I keep myRead more

Bare It All: Lay Bare Anniversary Party

I have been loyal to Lay Bare Waxing salon since the first time I tried their bikini wax thanks to the BDJ coupon back in 2008. Since then, I’ve tried all their other services including the *ultimate* full body wax from head to toe. So when I got an invite to their anniversary party last February at Hard Rock Cafe, I was soo excited especially after reading the attire: AS BARE AS POSSIBLE. I’m not a fan of daring/showy outfits so I was challenged to look for a “bare” ensemble without having to show too much skin. This is whatRead more