For Marshmallow Lovers Only: SugaRush S’mores Pie

Aaah I keep getting food packages this month! ‘Tis the season to be fatty indeed!! :) It’s almost Christmas day and most of us have already prepared our ‘things to buy’ for Noche Buena. (Christmas Eve Dinner) In case you’re still undecided what to prepare for dessert, here’s a super ooey gooey treat for all the marshmallow lovers out there! Sugar Rush Cake’s S’Mores Pie!! It will definitely leave you wanting for more. Hoho. The top layer is covered with giant fluffy marshmallows which made me want to pinch the cake when I opened the box. :)) The pie isRead more

Sophie’s Mom Bakery: Heaven in a Pastry

Hello! I’m still alive!! :) I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks with Christmas parties, preparations and last minute Christmas shopping + gifts. I’m pretty sure most of us are over that phase and are ready to relax and for some, even leave the country. But before anything, I’d like to introduce you to my latest foodie discovery~ Sophie’s Mom! Sophie’s Mom is the brainchild of Sophie and her mom. (Hence, the name.) I met Sophie at the 1st Bloggers United last summer and got reacquainted with her during one of my recent workshops so she invited me to drop by their bakery.Read more

Career Talk @ ICA: Accidental Blogger

Last November 18, I got the special opportunity of being one of the speakers for the ICA juniors’ Career Talk. It felt weird and awkward going back to my alma mater wearing all the illegal stuff like makeup, curly and colored hair, short fitted skirt and high heels. (Freedom!!) I had to pull down my skirt when the nuns requested to meet all the speakers. *shame* but it was truly a great experience to share my career’s history to the kids and see how surprised my teachers are to see me bloom from a sporty anti-girly girl to a super fashionRead more

Tribute Shoes GCs + Last Makeup Workshop + A big THANK YOU!

I’ve been MIA for the longest time here on Tumblr. The ber-months have been quite crazy and I’m losing all my hair from juggling my projects, makeup job, online & family business that I pretty much forgot to update my blog. So here goes backlog #1! :) I stumbled upon an online shop that sells really cute and classy flats. I told myself that it’s about time I got a decent pair for myself when I saw these Berlin flats from TRIBUTE SHOES. First impression: They remind me of Chanel quilted bags! *loove* I’m hoping I can get a Chanel bag for myself this Christmas.Read more

Bloggers United 2 (Get free passes!)

I’m sure most of you have heard about the epic Bloggers’ bazaar that took place last summer. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a second chance to get ahold of your favorite blogger/s’ pre-loved items! I’ll be selling a few pre-owned and rarely used clothes, shoes, bags, whatnot and Catwalk Cosmetics products together with some of the Gondo Girls: Shai, Doms & Val. I already released and sold a few of my new products during the LUXE bazaar but do not fret, I was able to restock on my cute and lovely items and will be selling them at a lower price~ only at Bloggers United!!Read more

Catwalk Cosmetics Bazaar & Workshop schedule (November)

My next makeup workshop will be held on November 26, 2011 (Saturday) at a private studio in Pasig City. Same location, discounted fee and freebies as the previous batch. But we have some online shops and pastry shops that want to contribute to our goodie bag so let’s cross our fingers for that. 8D Fee: P3,500 inclusive of a brush set + goody bag OR P3,800 inclusive of a GC worth P1,200 for The Mane Attraction Wigs + goody bag. Oh, before I forget, my fellow Gondo Girl & blogger Crissey Si will be joining us during this workshop so all you fangirls better have your cameras ready!Read more