Monthly Archives: July 2010

Four different looks.. One secret. ;) 24 hours to go!!

I’ve got a surprise in store for everyone tomorrow night: I’ll be releasing a WIG COLLECTION! ♥ ( Thanks to Tricia Gosingtian & Crissey Si for modeling the wigs for me. ✖♡✖♡, Marj

Want to learn how to put on makeup and win Maybelline products worth over P4,000? Click on this photo to redirect to my ‘Sweet Seduction’ makeup tutorial & contest. Come on, I know you want to.. ;)

Sweet Seduction

Hmm not bad for achieving this look in the dark. Me thinks I didn’t wear the wig right. XD I was practicing out of boredom despite the brownout for my Maybelline makeup tutorial. Just when I was about to top it off with loose powder, *ching* the lights went on. ;_; I call this ‘look’ […]