The Latest from Tony Moly, Etude House & Boulangerie22

In case you missed these on my Instagram posts (@DearMarjSia), here’s a recap of the latest products from Etude House, Tony Moly and Boulangerie22! Etude House‘s Be My Universe palettes are so out of this world! They have lipsticks with interchangeable caps, hand creams in metallic tubes and an all-in-one palette that comes with eyeshadows that can double as highlighter and a cheek blusher. Their Play Color Eyes are dedicated to wine lovers because the colors are inspired by the deep and rich colors of red and white wine. Dear Darling Tint has always been a part of their regularRead more

How to Set Up Your Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered Device

Have you heard of the Globe Streamwatch Roku powered device? I got one for Christmas last December and it definitely falls under “Gifts that keep on giving”! This device is able to turn any regular TV into a smart TV and a smart TV into a couch potato’s dream TV because it is pre-loaded with over 100 binge-watching channels & apps like Netflix, HOOQ, FOX+, Youtube, Disney, NBA, etc. Since no one has done it yet, I’ll give a step by step tutorial on how to set-up the Globe Streamwatch Roku stick on your TV. Inside the box, you willRead more

Althea Korea Gold Sparkling Box + Swatches

This is my first beauty post for the year! I received this limited edition holiday Althea Korea Gold Sparkling box early in January but I only got to unbox and test out the products yesterday due to my ~crazy~ flight schedule. I’ve been traveling back to back since the year started so I haven’t had the time to do reviews. But as my Chinese New Year resolution, I promise to update my blog more often starting with this post. Anyway, this isn’t my first Althea Korea box. I’ve ordered probably near a dozen times and I have some of theRead more

The Future is Now with Netflix’s Altered Carbon | Presscon in Seoul, Korea

I can totally hear my friends saying, “How old do you think you are?!” after putting on this pink ensemble for the Netflix press conference in Conrad Hotel, Seoul, Korea. The cast of Altered Carbon wondered the same thing since we were talking about age and immortality. All of them thought that I was still in my early 20’s! But I’ll save that story for later. Last week, Bea Fabregas and I were flown in by Globe Netflix to cover the press event in Korea. I couldn’t turn down the invite after seeing the trailer and the -17°C weather forecast.Read more

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2018 Giving Journal

Hola, everyone!! I’ve been absent for quite some time on the blog now. I was extremely busy last month so I took a break from social media. I’ve never been so exhausted in my entire life! I’ll get into more details about that on a different entry. For now, let me show which journal I’ll be using~ (before it gets worn out from too much writing haha!) For the 10th year of the Giving Journal, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® celebrates its journey of giving through the years with a central theme: LEAVE A LEGACY. I’m certainly part ofRead more

Everyday Luxury: Soleil et Lune Fragrances

Scents, just like songs, can bring back fond memories. Maybe that’s why I make it a habit to spritz on a bottle of perfume everyday – whether I’m just hanging out at home or about to head out for work. It gives me that boost of confidence and kick of energy to go through my day with a smile. “Soleil et Lune”, French for Sun and Moon, believes beauty goes beyond one’s wardrobe and accessories. A woman can feel beautiful, confident and alluring, through the power of scent. Founders Kristine Dee and Elizabeth Supetran created The Beauty Mission to provide aRead more